Outriders - Review

Outrider has the best abilities that I’ve ever used in a looter-shooter.


It’s a power trip approach to supernatural skills unlike anything I’ve played in the genre. Spectral blades reduce time-slowed enemies to skeletons and entrail ribbons, while whips of flame draw unlucky victims close before roasting them to ashes.


Bullets are caught mid-air, as if manipulated by The Matrix’s Neo, and hurled back at their owners.


The frequent barrage of gory spectacle. Full of the excessiveness of the abilities’ visual effects and how they form the backbone of every encounter.

Each class feels unique to play. The focus is on the unique abilities of each class.

The different classes although playing on the same level it can feel like completely different shooters.

You are always up against a constant barrage of enemies in a close combat nature, some characters like Trickster have to be right in the middle of it.

The ability to slingshot or teleport behind your enemies is a great help . Plus the Cyclone slice sends a whirling bladed spinning top into your enemies. Plus the ability to slow our enemy in their tracks.


Because of everyone’s style and skillset and ability differ you’ll have to find a class that suits you and your strengths.

You will have to decide if you’re a close combat or distance or mid ranged fighter.

Each class can only have three abilities active at a time, so finding a trio of accompanying skills is a vital character building block.

For the Devastator, that last ability could be the self-explanatory Reflect Bullets. Or it could be Impale, which I’m pretty fond of, mostly due to the animation of an enemy succumbing as a spike erupts from the earth and up through their chin.


It’s surprising, energetic and wild combat is great, it appears that Outriders may be a largely linear shooter with not enough structural ambition to hold up its joyous battles.


The maps however seem a little baron and secrets. The landscape felt generic and didn’t seem to have much to it. I hope their more to world when this comes out soon.


I think their could be more made of the weaponry. It is a looter-shooter after all. The guns and weapons on offer so far need to be a little more inspiring.

The good thing is if you don’t die for an extended period of time you can get tot the dizzying heights of Level 15!

World Tiers increase for  3 to 4 were hard enough as that was normal to hard in real terms. Level 15 will be mind blowing.

If you like combat you will fall for this game.

The combination of powerful elemental effects, kill-to-heal approach, and melon-bursting headshots makes it a punchy, kinetic affair. But right now, I need to see much more of its world, activities.

The Boss fights are good and overall its frenetic good fun.