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Hey guys yo Raptor here watch duck stew just got announced. I got all the info here collected from the internet. I will share it with you, show some gameplay footage and also share my reaction. Let me know yours any comments down below.

Let's. Go, I will take a look at the collectors edition. First so again will launch on November 15, not on the last gen platforms. Watched aux1 did launch on ps3 and xbox 360. This one won't, but it will launch on ps4 xbox one and pc.

Obviously, and also there's, an awesome yeah i mean ubisoft and editions it's. Also it's, always a pretty crazy. I will just do it like this, so we see here the new guy, Marcus Holloway, so bye-bye aiden pearce, you're, not welcome anymore.

You're, not in san francisco, that's, the new city of this game and, as you can see here, this is the world map. It's two times as large as the first watch dogs game. So that's, pretty interesting, we got some cards here, looks cool like the art.

What i like most about watch dogs to right now is that is way more colorful. There are way more green stuff. The world is more alive with callers and i always love that my favorite game, one of my favorite games of last year, his sunset over life.

Of course there was an overworld game, little off color, so i totally dig that so. Okay wait a second. They have the standard edition, deluxe edition the gold edition, the san francisco addition, the return of deaths, egg collectors case, the season pass edition and a ranch, jr robot, collector back and season pass edition.

It's insane, but at least you got a lot of options. I guess also. There is an exclusive preorder bonus, the Zodiac killer. Of course, ubisoft also does that with their assassins creed games given exclusive bonus for people that want that.

I will share some more info. Let the game play a role. So what I already said it's set in San Francisco and way more stuff is hackable. So in the first game you could just yeah heck a car and then this sirens would go off something like that, but now in watch dogs do, if you hack a car, you can move it, you can control it.

So what's pretty interesting? Is that in a third-person action sequence, you can just say um, you're hiding behind the car? Well, I'll, just move it for you stuff, like that. It's. Super awesome um. Also, when you're running away, you can just hack every car, move it around you so that the people that are following you that are chasing you just yeah die that's like one thing, but you don't Have to kill people while in the first watch dogs game? If I remember it correctly, you could you have to do it on a particular way.

So wall mission at you move from camera to camera and in this game you can just do it in three ways. You can say: okay, I want to do with guns blazing. It really looks a lot more like gva, where the first one was obviously an inspiration or took inspiration from GTA.

This one goes you for further see I CD weapon wheel, i seeded the dot, so it's insane anyway, you can do it guns blazing you can go for the full on stealth mode. You don't have to kill anyone in this game.

You had a taser gun, so you can just stun people. You can also kill them with your like yeah, your signature weapon, it looks pretty cool, does a great job, and what is awesome is that all the weapons that you you get are made from a 3d printer, so they make like weapons like you can use from 3D printer, obviously, that's, realistic, but that's also in this game and that's like a a nice touch so more on the hero.

Marcus is joining the hacking group that's, a qui. Of course know that deck sack from the first game and that's more awesome. It's, not really about the main character, but it's more about this hacker that just wants to have fun in the big san francisco city, but also wants to say: okay, you are using technology the wrong way.

We will punish you so stuff like that. We will hear more about the story in the coming week. Of course etree is right around the corner, so they will show way more of that, i can imagine during the ubisoft press conference so for now we have to do it with this.

Marcus is also a pretty good mover. You can do barker moves running around it. It looks way more fluid and that's. What i really like, if you wear Aiden just, was like a normal guy running around you could get do stuff.

The normal guy can do this. Guy Marcus can really just bark or climb roll, and that makes the game more fun. To play my pain, you got to companion, robots, one helicopter that you can just scout the city with and one like on the ground, robot that you can then scout and even use this little R and used to hack stuff and something like that.

So that's, pretty awesome as well. One awesome more awesome thing is that he can play the whole game in coop, at least that's, what they are saying, so it works like this. You run around the city and there's.

Another player like the division probably - and he says, hey - want to do a mission with me. Okay, you can do the whole game like that. So probably, if you have a friend playing watch stuck as well, you seem in the game or you jump inside each others.

Worlds go do stuff together it's like GTA online, but just in the single player as well. But that makes it pretty awesome. I'm super looking forward to this game now um. It was like on my list off I don't know.

Do I like it? Do I mean I don't, know man, the first league. We solved the trailer that the reveal trailer that you also saw in this video looks looked cool, but I was not like blown away, but now, after seeing gameplay after hearing the things that are, they are going for.

Like the more hackable objects, you can hack every person now. It really sounds like yeah like an improvement over the first game, obviously, but like in a big way and in a smart way. They went in the right direction, in my opinion, make it more colorful making more about the all hacking society about their their like their community, their world and not about this boring character that I don't want to play with so that's why I quit watch stocks, one in the middle.

I was just like I don't care about this. I'm, sorry goodbye. So with what Chuck's to hopefully that's, not the case. We will hear more at e3, more information, please check out the web sites that will be at a tree tub.

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If you did - and I will speak to you next time - but I already said that, but there you know it's. True goodbye