Ubisoft E3 2016 predictions: Watch Dogs 2 gameplay - Online Open World FPS - For Honor release date

A lot of release dates for their upcoming games. You visible announced a new triple-a ipad3. I got an ID what it will be and more III predictions. Let me know yours in it, comes down below and be sure to hit like button.

If you watch my top 5 most in this bed at e3, 2016 games video, you know that for honor is high on my list. It was one of the surprise of last year's, show and my favorite games. I played at e3 2015 this year.

They will finally speak about the campaign. Show an awesome. Trailer yourself already said that they will announce a ton of release dates at e3 2016 for their pretty sick lineup of game. So let's predict demo.

We already know that watch dogs will launch in November 15 2060, so we have that all these titles will launch before April 2070. So I think, goes recon will launch in December it's, pretty crowded to launch and shooter in October.

In November, we got tired and fall with a battlefield view of Call of Duty. You & # 39, ve got gears of war, so launching and shooter around that time seems tricky. So I think they will push it to December around the same time that rainbow 6 launch then for honor will probably launch on october 29, 2060.

Think that's. A pretty nice release date for the gang, although it will be, will be having a hard time since it's. A new IP and october, like i said and november, are pretty crowded. Then let's. Go to South Park the fractured butthole it will launch in February februari 14th.

I think it might get delayed. Oh like the last game, like the stick of truth, also got delayed, but they are now saying it will launch before April 2017. So I'm sticking with the februari 14 to release date and then I think the new triple iip that will also launch before April 2017 will launch on March 21st 2070.

But what will that new, IP be always at the end of the ubisoft press conference? We see a completely new game. Is me a new IP like watch dogs or the division or a new game in a bubble of franchise like Rainbow six and girls recon this time it will be a new IP, though, since you have already said they will have a new triple-a IP ready before April 2017, and what will it be? I already made that video about it going really into detail about why it will be a open-world online, first-person shooter.

So you can watch my detailed explanation and teary in the video by clicking on the screen or following a link in the description below use of just always known for bringing a sucky artist to their show for the new just dance game last year.

My ears bleed because of Jason Derulo, and this year they will bring out the one and only Drake to perform hotline bling. Well that's at least my prediction, but I think it's. A pretty safe bet. Hotline bling was not in the last year's, dance, it's, a pretty sick song.

Everyone wants to dance to it. It has reared moves, so it will be fun at parties so yeah. I think Drake book your flight man. This will be the worst part of the press conference where they will show this game champions of interior.

Nobody will care and everyone will run away. Okay, maybe they will not run away, but they will all grab their mobile phone and start tweeting, like. Oh, my god. This sucks come on. Ubisoft show me a watch.

Dogs come on. Ubisoft show me for honor what's, this crap? What is interesting is that Ubisoft has a ton of games plans for before April 2017. I already named them, but it will be. South Park goes recon the new watch dogs and also for honor and a new triple happy.

They also announced that so they will focus a lot on the upcoming games, but normally Ubisoft also talks about things that we can expect in the future. So beyond April 2070 lost year they talked about ghost recon for honor south park, so that means that they will probably have some other games to show us that we don't know about a new assassin's.

Creed. It could be possible that that script movie will also be shown, so maybe a little tease for what's to come for the SS Creed franchise could also be part of the press conference. I don't, think it will happen, but it could be, and otherwise they don't have any new reveals for games that are coming beyond April.

It could be, on the other hand, because they already have a ton of awesome games to show that will hit thoughts very soon. It will be very interesting to watch. Users will have an interesting and awesome press conference.

I think i will probably be in the theater doing this when drake gets on the stage. Well, maybe Drake is better than jason derulo, because JS reloj, like i said, really sucked anyway. I'm curious to hear your Ubisoft predictions drop them down in the comments below you can subscribe for way more et tu 2016 content.

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