Top 5 most anticipated E3 2016 games - Horizon Zero Dawn, For Honor & more!

A tree is there from jun 12 till june, sixteenth, with a ton of surprises during the press conferences, probably new hardware, announcements and a ton of awesome games. This is my top five games. I look forward to the most at e3.

2016 share me yours. In comes down below and don't forget to hit that like button. The most impressive game of e3 2015 was, without a doubt, to horizon zero dawn Guerrilla Games, known for the kill zone franchise to the stage during the sony press conference and showed an amazing gameplay demo of our new favorite redheaded archer alloy.

This year I can't, wait to see more of verizon. How does the main gameplay work? How does the story progress? How big is the world? Hopefully it will be playable on the show floor as well. This is a gap way to take out a you type of dinosaur myself horizon was not playable last year, so it was not my game of the show III.

2060, so that title goes to for honor. The 44 battle I played was very impressive, to say the least. The sword fighting gameplay worked fantastic. I really had to scan the opponents and guess what they would do.

Next, we're teaming up with another player, really made the difference, because you just did not stand a chance. If you are alone, I'm curious to see how the other classes will work, since we only got to try out the night and other fakings and the samurais for honor also features a single player campaign.

Hopefully they will share more on how that works, and probably we will hear a release date. Will we see it in 2016 or 2070? I think december this year or februari 2017 will do first, 2015, 10, 2016 and now 2070.

We are waiting a long time for The Legend of Zelda Wii. U or The Legend of Zelda NX ETA. It launches on both systems in March 2017, but this year's. E3 will finally see more of this impressive. Looking sellout, the world should be open, but it occurs if it will be crowded as well.

What new gameplay mechanics can we expect just anything? I'm curious to hear more and see more at e3 and finally play it. I got my appointment scheduled already, so let's, go the use of surprise of last year was Ghost Recon wildlands, and it looks pretty well to me the premise of an open world that you can explore with up to three friends.

The way you want sounds very promising and the closed-door session I witnessed last year got me even more excited. It looked like GTA online heists, but now you can choose how to tackle each mission. Well, you have a helicopter in the air or do you do it all from the ground, stealth or guns blazing.

I'm super curious how this game has evolved from last year and when it will release loss but not least, is persona 5. The long-awaited JRPG will launch September in Japan and is also coming to the West, but when we still don't know, but hopefully we will hear more during the sony e to tell 16 press conference a day and a release with japan.

It would be insane an interesting since Final Fantasy 15 will launch two weeks after that and it's. The biggest competitor on the G RPG front well personified be playable at e3 2016. I don't. Think so.

Atlas is at the shoulder so fingers crossed. On the other hand, it will not demo very well at a crowded booth. Still anything persona 5 at e3 2016 will be awesome, so bring it on. I put for honor horizon and goes recon on this list games that we did not know about before e3 2015.

So my favorite games of last year were mostly newly announced titles, but this could really be the case at gators III as well, which makes it even more exciting. As you may know, i will be at e3 2016 for IGM benelux playing a ton of games fisting.

The press conferences and making a ton of dutch content for the website, but you can follow all my adventures via instagram. I will post photos as much as I can and snapchat to get on behind the scenes.

Look at what being a t3 is like figs up for watching share your top five III 2016 games. Any comments down below. I got a ton of e3 2016 predictions up on the channel so be sure to check them out subscribe for way more.

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