Hey everyone and welcome to skill captain. This guide will be going over every single weapon in valerian and detailing exactly what situations you should be buying them, and why? Now this isn't just based on one person's opinion, but instead is based on the current meta in both the high ranked solo queue and pro play.

I'm sure you guys have watched your favorite streamer and seen him pick up a specter instead of a stinger or a sheriff on a save round, instead of a bucky and so on. We'll, be going over the answers to why pros pick certain weapons under certain conditions and how you two can do this to gain a massive edge over your opponents and win more games and get more kills now for our question of the day.

What weapon and valorem do you wish they would buff and what buff would you give it for me personally, i wish they'd buff, the marshall, as it feels super responsive and is really fun to use, but there's very few Situations where it's actually worth buying one possible change would be increasing the price by a bit so that they could increase the damage to 125 so that it would one shot to the body against light armored targets.

But what do you guys think what weapon would you buff and what would the buff be? Let us know in the comments section below, as we'd love to hear alright, so we'll, be starting this list from the least expensive weapons to the most expensive.

So first off we have the free classic pistol. So when should you be just sitting on the classic pistol over purchasing other weapons well on pistol round, you want to go classic pistol if you & # 39, ll, be fighting in relatively close ranges and also needs some form of utility.

This is because you can run classic pistol with light armor and still have another 400 credits left over to purchase your abilities. So you want to do this. On agents who have strong abilities on the first round, for example, rays, can go classic pistol, light armor, boom bot and one blast pack, which are insanely strong abilities on the first round of the game now outside of the pistol round.

You rarely want to sit on a classic pistol as we're currently in a light by meta where cheap weapons like the bucky sheriff frenzy and stinger, can be purchased on save rounds and not break the bank and still allow you to buy a Rifle the following round, i would say the only exception is: if you notice your teammates are full saving.

Perhaps you want a full safe for an operator as well. Well, if no one is lie buying, then it's, fine to just full, save the round and try to build up a bigger economy and sit on that classic pistol. Next up we have the shorty at 200 credits.

Now the shorty used to be an insanely overpowered weapon, but ever since it's, nerfed it's, not very good. In fact. Currently, almost no one picks a shorty either they full save and use a classic pistol, which basically operates as a shorty on its own, since you can right, click at close ranges and one shot an enemy with full armor.

As long as you land, two headshots with that burst, or if they are willing to spend more credits, they will go for something like a bucky, so yeah. If you're someone who has been purchasing this shorty on your save rounds, you should probably consider stop doing that and instead opt into either full saving with the classic or purchasing one of the more expensive save options later on in this guide.

Moving on, we now have the frenzy at 400 credits. Now the frenzy is very strong right now and it's, taking over the pistol meta at the highest level of play. Remember how earlier we said on pistol round, you can go with the classic.

So you can buy utility well, some agents, don't, have the greatest abilities on pistol round until you can run light armor and frenzy for raw fragging power. This frenzy light armor strategy is currently taking off in the high ranked and pro meta it's, notably strongest on jet.

She has abilities that aren't super useful on pistol round and the free ability that she does gain synergizes. Well with the frenzy armor loadout now outside of the pistol round. The frenzy was seen some rise in the save rounds, but has since fallen off instead.

Currently, you either want to full save with the classic or opt into a more expensive light, buy such as a bucky. Otherwise, the only other scenario, besides pistol round 2 by a frenzy is as your backup weapon.

If you're running an operator, this is a fantastic choice for that role, as it gives you a strong, close range weapon to fight with, while the operator will deal with the long range fights and next we have the ghost at 500 credits.

Now the ghost is far more niche than players realize and that's, because at the start of valorman it was so popular in pro play on pistol ram. However, the game has changed since then, and the ghost continues to fall off.

You really only want to purchase the ghost on pistol round and if you know you & # 39, ll be taking fights at long ranges specifically past 30 meters. Past 30 meters is when the classic damage drop-off kicks in and when the ghost will become superior.

So if you & # 39, ll be peaking or holding angles at that distance or further, then opting into the ghost on pistol round is perfectly fine. Now, outside of the pistol round, you should really never purchase the ghost it's too expensive and isn't good against fully armored targets or at close range.

You're way better off either just full saving or spending the extra credits for a better light, buy weapon and finally, for our last pistol, we have the sheriff. Now it goes without saying. Don't ever buy this on the pistol round as it's.

Terrible in that scenario, for obvious reasons, however, it still remains a strong purchase on save rounds as a light buy. You typically want to go with sheriff, as your light buy. If you expect you & # 39, ll be fighting at medium to long ranges.

This is because the other save light by options are all more close range orientated with the stinger and the bucky and make no mistake. The stinger and bucky are way better than the sheriff at these closer ranges.

So don't just default into the sheriff on your save round, realize if you're buying it that you want to be playing at around the 15 to 30 meter range. This is because, at under 30 meters, it will still be a one-shot headshot, while being above 50 meters prevents you from being at a huge disadvantage to stronger close range weapons.

Also, keep in mind when you do purchase the sheriff that you're. Looking for those one-shot headshots, not body shots, often you're, just taking one shot for the head and then ducking behind cover not just straight committing to the fight like you can, with something like a stinger, alright and moving up.

We now have our first shotgun on the list: the bucky at 900 credits. Now, for the longest time, the bucky has been considered kind of a meme or at least on the weaker side, for the majority of valorent's, life cycle.

However, that is no longer the case. The bucky is absolutely part of the high-level meta and many players are actually considering it to possibly even be overpowered. So why is this? What exactly happened? Well, players have realized that, as long as you know, the sweet spot that perfect range of the right click of the bucky, you can just one shot fully armored opponents, while aiming at the body.

This is actually pretty insane considering that you can get the one shot potential of a share of head shotting someone while being way easier to aim as you're gonna go for the body and you can even shoot it while moving and jumping.

Since it's, a shotgun essentially for the meta at the highest level, players are replacing that sheriff purchased on save rounds with a bucky purchase instead, as it often offers a more consistent, one-shot potential.

As long as you know, the correct locations where you can hit that optimal range on the right click also never buy armor. When you go for a bucky, if you're going to buy armor, then just go with a stinger.

Instead, as it's way more well-rounded. The reason for this is that the bucky is like the save option where you want to spend the least amount of money possible, while still giving you that potential to just one shot a fully armored rifler and take his gun so yeah.

Overall, the bucky is kind of taking that number one slot, as the ego buy right now. Alright moving up, we now are into the smg, starting with this stinger at 1 000 credits and what a steal at this price point for those of you named patrick living under a rock the stinger is absolutely broken and insanely overpowered right now.

The first time you will want to consider purchasing a stinger is on the second round of the game, either. If you won the first round, this can be a good buy to say you have to possibly win the third round when the enemy team has rifles.

As a stinger can easily beat rifles at close ranges, and in fact this is what i recommend you do as your default second round purchase as it's such a strong, versatile pickup, the other scenario in which you can buy it on the second Round is actually, if you're on the losing team, if you & # 39, ve got the plant off despite losing in the first round, then everyone on the team gains 300 credits, and this will put you above the 2.

000 credit break point. This is exactly enough to purchase this stinger and full armor, and so you want to force by on the second round, despite losing the first. This will often catch opponents off guard and you'll steal the round back and break the opponent's economy, giving you a free third round.

And finally, the last situation you want to buy a stinger is, as a light buy on the eco round, when your team is saving. Now, typically, you don't want to buy it on its own, though you need 2 000 credits to spare.

As you want to buy armor with it, sometimes you can even buy light armor, but typically you go full doing this and playing close range angles will allow you to directly compete with riflers, despite light buying and managing your economy, so you can buy a rifle and Full armor on the next round, regardless of the outcome of the current one, alright, so moving on, we have the marshall at 1100 credits, and it pains me to say this as i enjoy using this weapon.

But there's, actually no situation where you'd, want to buy the marshall right now. Let me explain so the most common scenario players are buying. The marshall is on the second round of the game after they win the first one.

The main idea here is that the enemy will have no armor, and so the marshal will act as a pseudo-operator, since it will one shot to the body if the enemy has no armor. The problem is if the enemy decides to force up with buckies or stingers, with full armor.

Well, you're in huge trouble and at a massive disadvantage. The other problem is that sure, if the enemy saves and has no armor, you can possibly get some great long range picks. But taking the marshall into the third round will be so much weaker than a stinger specter aries or hell even a bucky.

You'll, be facing riflers with full armor on the third round, and so you either have to land that headshot at long range to win fights or use it like a more expensive sheriff, trying to no-scope one-shot headshot.

Overall, in every situation, there's, pretty much a better weapon than the marshal and it's, just not worth the risks that come with purchasing it. Moving on at 1600 credits, we have the spectre, and this is actually an extremely straightforward purchase right now.

The only time you ever want to buy a specter is on the second round of the game. If you won the first one, this functions as an alternative buy to the stinger full armor, which we mentioned earlier and in pro blade traditionally, we would often see players prefer to run the spectre over the stinger on the second round if they won the first.

However, that continues to change as more and more pros convert over to the stinger. Essentially, it comes down to personal preference. If you win the first round, you can either buy a stinger or specter on the second round, with full armor.

Both are considered equally viable at the highest level. In this scenario, however, beyond that situation, you should never be buying a spectre. If you're on a save round and light buying, then you're, going to be buying a sheriff, bucky or stinger or just sitting on the classic pistol.

If you have to force, buy instead and can't afford a rifle. Well, then, you're better off with a judge at close ranges or a bulldog or guardian at long ranges, and speaking of the judge, that's. Next, up at 1600 credits, now the judge is widely considered to be overpowered now by the top players.

However, you still need to understand when you should actually be purchasing it, so you don't ruin your economy. The first scenario is on the second round of the game. After you won the first one, we previously mentioned how you can opt into a stinger or spectre in this scenario.

Well, the judge is equally as viable. It's, just that you need to make sure you'll, be playing close range areas of the map. For example, you would want to be playing hookah on bind or garage on haven or b site on ascent.

You get the idea. This not only lets you take down entire rushing teams with classic pistols, but it also gives you a very powerful weapon for that area of the map heading into the third round. When you'll be facing riflers.

The other situation you'd want to buy a judge would be when you're going for a four spy. The judge is one of the best force by options. As long as like we mentioned earlier, you're playing. The close range angles on the map.

Also, it should be mentioned that if you catch on that the enemy is rushing. These types of positions on the map like hookah on bind and you're struggling to hold it with a rifler. It's perfectly fine to just buy a judge over a rifle and look to punish them.

It's, really that strong, don't fall into the common trap of thinking just because a weapon is more expensive. Then it's better. It's, simply not the case and why we created this guide, alright, so our final weapon in the 1600 credit price point is the aries.

Now the aries is actually very underrated right now by the player base. That's, not to say that it's super strong or anything, but it does have a niche situation to pick it that most players, aren't even aware of, and that's on the second round Of the game after you won the first round, you want to purchase the aries if you plan on holding a bit further of an angle.

This is because of the fact that machine guns are actually pretty much like lasers in terms of recoil control in valorem. Keep in mind, you need to scope in with the aries as you & # 39, ll get an increased fire rate, and so crouching down and holding a somewhat long angle like around 30 meters, is super strong, especially on defense.

If you then incorporate that with an area of the map that is wallbangable to take advantage of the high wall penetration, and you can see why it would be a better pick over a stinger bucky judge, sheriff marshall or spectre with that being said, though, outside of The second round purchase, i would not recommend going with the aries.

If you're saving on eco and light buying, then the bucky sheriff or stinger are better options. If, instead, you're force buying, then the judge, specter bulldog and guardian are also better, so a bit of a niche pickup, but really strong in the right situation.

Finally, we're entering the rifle category, where we have the bulldog at 2100 credits. The bulldog is definitely a solid, well-rounded weapon, but is often purchased at the wrong time. The bulldog is almost exclusively a force by purchase a force by means when, for whatever reason, you have to spend all of your money and go for the round win, despite facing enemies with rifles and armor.

At the same time, it's typically purchased. On a force by when you & # 39, re also going to be fighting at medium to long ranges or at least unpredictable ranges, and so you need a well-rounded weapon.

This is because other force buy options such as the judge, stinger specter, even the bucky. These are all way better at close ranges than the bulldog. However, all of those weapons listed struggle at further ranges.

The bulldog is really the first weapon. You can unlock that it can actually compete with riflers at medium to long ranges, and this is due to its alternate fire mode, which fires a four round burst and at any range.

If one of those bullets hits the head and only one other bullet, either hits the body or head as well, then you & # 39. Ll kill an opponent with full armor, and this can give you an extremely low time to kill.

As you can scope in get that quick, burst off and instantly kill someone with two bullets from your four bullet burst. However, outside of a force by scenario where you'll be taking those medium to longer range fights, you should not be purchasing a bulldog moving on.

We have what many consider to be the weakest gun in ballon right now, and that is the guardian. At 2400 credits, now the guardian really only has one thing going for it and that's. The fact that it one-shot headshots at all ranges, in fact not a lot of people, realize that it actually takes three shots to the body to kill a fully armored target.

With the guardian. To put this into perspective, that's, the same amount of shots to kill as a sheriff, which is 1600 credits cheaper, so with really only the one-shot headshot, at all ranges being the reason to purchase it.

This then causes another list of issues, one being well. You can also one-shot headshot at all ranges with the marshall, which is 1300 credits cheaper or, as we just mentioned, you can use the bulldog for a more well-rounded weapon with the same instant kill potential with the alternate fire mode.

So when exactly should you be using the guardian? Well, the answer is pretty much almost. Never there's, really only one viable scenario to purchase the guardian and that's when you're for spying against riflers.

In that one situation, you can purchase the guardian and kind of play it like you, would a vandal and go for the one-shot headshots at longer ranges. But besides that very unique scenario, there is no other situation that you should be buying the guardian.

In fact, i'm kind of curious. If you guys could buff the guardian, what change would you make to it? Let us know in the comments section below moving on, we have the standard rifles, the phantom and the vandal for 2900 credits.

For this section i'm, going to focus on when you should be buying one rifle over the other, so the key break point every player should be aware of. Is the 15 meter range? This is because outside of 15 meters, the phantom will stop.

Being a one shot to the head and instead only do 140 damage at 30 meters or further, it will then do even less only 124 damage to the head. So basically, if you're going to be playing close range locations on the map, then the phantom is always going to be better and give you more of an edge on your opponent.

However, outside of 15 meters, and especially past 30 meters is when the vandal will overtake the phantom. That is not all, though the sprays function differently between these two weapons as well, where the phantom has a much easier to control spray, while the vandal is much harder.

What this means is that spraying with the phantom is a key part to achieving success with it, while with a vandal, you'll, be doing a lot more one tapping and burst firing. Essentially, what it boils down to is the ranges that you'll, be playing closer ranges mean you want to lean towards the phantom while further ranges, the vandal is king.

Despite that difference, the rest comes down to personal preference, as both rifles are actually quite balanced right now in terms of power levels. And finally, we're starting to get into the more expensive pickups with the odin at 3200 credits.

Here's, the thing about the odin, so, for the most part you don't want to buy this gun unless you're playing soba on ascent, in which case the entire map is made out of paper, and the Combination of his recon, dart and owl drone allow him to just wall bang.

Opponents for free kills, however, and this is a big. However, if you are in the lower ranks, such as silver or below the odin, is kind of overpowered. This is due to the fact that opponents in these lower ranks, don't, have the best aim, and so headshots are much less common and when it comes to time to kill for body shots, a scoped and odin reigns supreme.

When you combine this with the fact that it has laser like accuracy with its easy recoil control - and you realize hey, i can just scope in and aim at the body and win gunfights through raw dps. Now. The problem with this is that at the higher ranks people are going to swing on you with rifles and one shot headshot you, and so this kind of playstyle becomes much weaker.

At the same time, if you are in lower elo, you're, probably better off just practicing with these standard rifles and improving aim than kind of cheesing. Your way up the ranks as these strategies will eventually run out of steam.

But if your goal is just to get gold and not go any higher, well, then try subbing out your rifle purchases, with an odin scope in and just aim for the body, and you should find yourself winning more fights other than that scenario or if you're, a sova main on ascent there's, really no other situation to pick an odin over a vandal or phantom.

And finally, we have the operator at a whopping, 5 000 credits here's. The thing about the operator, if you're on attack, besides one specific scenario that i'll mention shortly, you should not buy it overall.

The operator is just too difficult to use on attack due to how scoping in slows your movement, speed, which makes trying to peek corners with it very difficult and not very effective. However, the one scenario on attack that you can purchase an operator on is to counter a defending operator.

The way this is done is you get one of your teammates to flash the angle that the enemy operator will be holding. This will force him to back off to cover you then peek and scope in and hold that angle that he was just at and when he repeats to try and hold it with his operator that's when you kill him.

But besides. In this scenario, we do not recommend going for the operator on attacker's side. However, on defense, you always want at least one operator on the team. The reason for this is that the operator gives you an insane amount of map control, for example, on haven.

You can place an operator at sea long, and this will completely shut down attackers from attacking c long, while at the same time, if they actually do you'll, get a pick and also just slow down the push and buy time for rotates.

Same idea, over on a long on haven, you can hold this long sight line which can shut down pushes very early, while also giving your team that early intel needed to rotate in time. This results in the operator being able to hold sites by themselves and free up other teammates to lean towards other areas of the map.

This will create a very tough scenario for the attackers to break through, as they either have to take the fight against the operator. In which case often fast rotates will come through by the time they get to the site or they have to pressure other areas of the map where the operator isn't, but often those areas are stacked with more players.

This is why the operator is so strong on defense and why you should seriously consider always having at least one operator on the team and remember if you want to improve fast, win more gunfights and get the rank you've always wanted.

Then there's, nothing better than our hyper improvement system at check it out, link in the description below otherwise. You know the deal like subscribe and hit the bell icon to keep up to date with the meta get more premium guides, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player.

We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching until the end and we'll catch you in the next one. You