'PlayStation 4K will be 500 dollars' - bold E3 2016 predictions

The PlayStation 4 point 5 for PlayStation 4 k. A Playstation Nia will be around the five hundred dollars well sec that your bold prediction for e3 2016 - I mean we will probably hear more about this council that rumored Council in every place.

We hear a new rumor and that there will not be exclusive games and that you go to war will be the showcase of this system. Um yeah. Well, it will probably be at e3. I mean, if you hear so many rumors it's, like almost certain that it will show, but anyway you think that it will be around the five hundred dollars.

So we are going to discuss like what are the possibilities of this system and what Shoni should do to make this a success. Yeah, certainly, certainly so I mean when it comes to the neo. Obviously the the improvement would be in a graphical fidelity spot right.

We would want to see better graphics, we would want to see a seamless, neo mode and an original ps4 mode, so that way, people who own a ps4 and don't want to upgrade to the neo or the 4.5 or the 4k, whatever.

Whatever you want to call it, they don't feel burned, because all the games that they could buy for the Neo will play fine on the PlayStation 4 and vice versa, and it will be easy for someone who buys a game on the ps4 And then maybe upgrades to Annie later on could they could swap on a neo mode and it will run just fine, but one of the things that a lot of people have been rumor is what would the hardware look like, and so the original ps4 CPU was Eight Jaguar cores at one point: six gigahertz, the neo CPUs rumored at eight jaguar cars at 2.

1 gigahertz, so either an overclocker, an upgraded chip that will push a lot more processing power out and considering games are CPU oriented and especially when it comes to consoles. That could definitely benefit it.

A lot sparse, stabilizing frame rate and also adding on to the the current graphics that the ps4 can push and then also the ps4's. Original GPU is an AMD 18c use at 800 megahertz and then the neyo GPU is going to be at 36 at nine eleven megahertz.

So it's, going to be a decent jump, obviously two times to see, use and then an increase to the megahertz. So that's, going to be a good hefty boost for the console, and then we also have the the memory is going to be at a higher bandwidth but the same amount so instead of eight gigabytes, gdr, five at 176 gigabytes per second, we're, going to see eight gigabytes of gddr5 at 218 gigabytes per second, so it's.

Obviously an improvement. I think it's, a fair improvement, especially in the the graphics range, and so I think that, in order for them to not sell at a loss, because I don't think that they need to right now, especially considering the fact That their PlayStation 4 is already doing well.

This is going to be a bit more targeted towards the PlayStation VR users to get a better experience that maybe has better graphical fidelity, while maintaining a good frame rate. That's, not going to make you motion sick, so I think that $ 500 makes sense that way they could still make money off of it while selling it as a bundle, maybe at around eight fifty to nine hundred dollars holiday with the PSB Are I just think that that's, a good sort of range for it that's, not going to sort of disappoint the the current playstation? 4 user-based surrogacy? Okay? This is a more expensive PlayStation 4, but I still have one that is a value and I'm, not sort of being treated as a peasant that needs to upgrade to the new big bad within the industry.

Mmm yeah. It will be super interesting. How Sony will like say? Oh, this is a better ps4 than you already bought, because you said that it will focus a lot on VR and obviously everything we talk about.

Right now are rumors, but it might be, but I think that if you buy fiar this year and we're talking about the console crowd - i mean the pc crowd is more willing to. In my experience, upgrade for video graphic graphics card and a new, better cpu and motherboard, or something like that, while the console consumers are really much like okay above this console - and I'm set for five years or even more so to have them Buy a new, a neo and the PlayStation VR I don't, know man and there will be super hard sell for Sony.

So what I think is that the Neo will will be targeted at the current PlayStation 4 users that are yet that just want yeah and better looking a game or that will be just future proofing, because 4k TVs are going to be a thing, but not this Year, maybe not next year, but maybe the year after that they're, getting cheaper.

Just like the HTTP. We're back in the day and yet to have a consulates capable of showing a fork a picture. Well, it will not be a game running on 4k, but just like the ps3, for example, it just scaled to it thousand eighty TV, while every game was running on 720p, so that will also be the case with the Neo according to rumors.

So that will be super interesting, but I think that it, a ton of people, are now like. Okay, I want to buy the fee our thing, but do i also need that that neo, i'm, not going to spend eight hundred dollars on new sony stuff, and i also think that 500 is too much.

I mean they started with the PlayStation 3. Why would they go back to such a big price point? I do think that if you compared with the xbox elite that launched last year so with that new controller, that was like 150 dollars and like a SSD HDD yeah like a hybrid hard drive that was also for five hundred dogs but yeah.

You got that new controller and I don't, see Sony bringing out a new controller as well. They might do that, of course, but that that was like okay. 500. For that I can see that, but for like a system that makes your game look a little prettier, but hasn't has not any exclusive content would be super hard to think or five hundred dollars to ya to make that a right decision.

So I think that the normal ps4 will drop to 299 and that new one will be 399 and just the console 399, just like three years ago, p is for was at launch because remember: ps4 is three years old. By the time this system will probably launch so to have this at 400 is not really weird, because everything has evolved.

Why does it need to be more expensive than the ps4 was three years ago? It would be if the ps4 would not exist and would launch this year. It would also be four hundred dollars and we & # 39. Ll probably have the same spec.

So I think that 399 is yeah, a good price point and yeah what you say about fear. I will, I think it's only about VR and about them pushing 4k TVs, and it will be interesting, though, because right now it's like okay.

Why do I i just want better frame rate and other stuff, but if the other games run works on the on the last generation ps4, so the old ps4 by the time the NIA launches they will have that they will have a big problem, and we see That with the new treaty s and that's, like the only thing you can really compare this to so nintendo obviously launched a new tds.

It's like yeah, better than the than the old one, but it yeah. It runs the same games, it does have. Some include exclusives. Well, Sony is really like don't, make any exclusive gameplay features for this neo thing that then everyone will lose their mind antenna did it, but still some games that run on new treaty s fine are like and yeah.

It are like terrible on the previous one, the new Legend of Zelda hyrule legends game, and that runs that's. The thing to, and it's gonna be very interesting to see, is sort of how they they quality control.

In a sense - and i really i really hope - i really hope that they're, not pushing for 4k. I really let me reiterate the skin and really hope that they're, not pushing for 4k, because let me tell you one thing about 4k: even with a 980, it's hard to achieve or k it's really Hard to achieve 4k, a decent quality at a decent framerate right now it just it's, just not really that's great, and maybe with the new heart that's coming out, I could see it sort of turning Into something that's more viable, maybe they have an AMD chip in these Neos that's, going to be sort of the the ones that are going to be released for pc users or something that's more forward.

Thinking that's, not sort of something that we already know exists and has you know older technology, but if they really try to push for 4k? I think this is going to fail, especially considering a lot of people who game on consoles.

I'm, a PC person. I tend to know more about technology in this sense, so I look at it sort of from a technical standpoint, a lot of people on consoles. They think that their gaming - not - although I say some - I want to place playstation 4 and have a 4k TV - think that their gaming at 4k, already with their 4k TVs, they're.

Not they're, not at all, just because it outputs it up. Skills of 4k does not mean you're at 4k, the bibs image it's just like, if you scale an image up that doesn & # 39. T make that image that I quality yeah, but that's, the rumor, how this neo will also operate so, but then it will just look better than the ps4 does now so wait up like a certain I like a set with pre street.

It was the same, it was 720 and if you had like a full HD TV, you were playing a 720 game on a thousand eighty TV and yeah that's like how that worked and with 4k, its rumor to work the same, and I Don't know how great it's going to work.

It's, a lot easier to go from a 720p image to a 1080p image down a a 1080 up to a 4k, and so I really think that their focus should be primarily on 1080, solid frame rate. Everything on ultra that you would see on a pc running at a great frame rate that's, all it across the board and on top of that maybe 1440p.

I know a lot of people with 1440p non SI televisions but monitors and then, if they want to upscale from 1440p to 4k, I think that's, a lot more viable in terms of avoiding imaged integration decoration across the board and making sure that The game itself is running at a good, solid frame rate, because they just can't be too ambitious with this, knowing that's, the fact that these consumers are going to be so jaded, I mean I kind of feel a bit Jaded about this I'm, a PC user, so I'm, a bit more open to it, and so I can't really imagine how normal console gamers feel and would feel that this would be so much more powerful And be able to run at 4k at a really higher frame rate and maybe cause issues for them with their their current ps4 down the road.

So I think forward-thinking wise. They really need to execute this greatly or they're, going to be in the same spot as they are now with the PlayStation 4, where it doesn't have as much power if maybe developers wants, and so they will need upgrade.

I mean we don't want to see a PS five being announced in a few years after this is already announced and released, and so they really need to make sure this is a future thinking project that's, going to develop Over time in a normal console cycle, instead of this sort of half console cycle that we're, seeing now with now a release of a another or a rumored release of a new system that's, upgraded from the previous, so yeah That's, sort of what I think about it.

I am interested to see how they execute, how they sort of get it in people's minds and that's. Why I'm, so I guess you could say excited for the the PlayStation conference because it's going to be interesting.

It's. Definitely gonna be interesting. This whole III is going to be interesting. Even Microsoft is going to be interesting, because how will Microsoft reacts to this B is 4.5? Rumors are also suggesting that they have a new console as well.

So will they just do the same thing? Well, they launched an Xbox 1.5, or will they maybe go a step further because phil spencer said in an interview that he doesn't want like a half-baked upgrade. He wants a big upgrade, so maybe they will do an xbox two already or a bully.

I mean if the Neo exist and the Xbox one is still the X, which one has no upgrade, what it's like so. The games also now look better on the ps4. I mean in some cases it already does, but with the Neo it's even more obvious, so marks of doesn't want so it yeah it, like I said, will be sooo interesting.

So one last question, or do you have to add anything to that uh? I just want to add, with the the big leap thing that Phil Spencer said it's. It's kind of hard looking at from his perspective because he's.

He's ahead of xbox. He has to hype up things and sort of make sure people sort of feel that he's. Not just going to sort of be a cheapskate to him that he's, gonna sort of go all the way with things, and so I think that's, sort of a generic expanse response.

I would expect from most CEOs or most heads of companies, but when it comes to Phil Spencer, I think that he might meet it in the sense that there might I wouldn't, be too surprised. I know a lot of people think ever probably crazy at this point.

Oh my god, why would you think it'd, be an xbox too, but where they & # 39, ve been going with sort of moving it towards more of a mini PC. What bombshell would it be if it's, an xbox to boli backwards compatible with the xbox one? The xbox one will still get support through the xbox two.

They'll sort of downgrade graphics and whatnot, maybe throw a normal downgrade to the resolution as they've been doing, but it's. Also, all these games that we release on the new console release on PC as well, and it will be a huge synergy between the console and the PC, because there's.

So much new hardware coming out on the pc realm, like the nvidia 10. 1080, 1070 and then AMD is going to have their new lineup coming soon. They have a lot of sort of room to maybe make a big leap that a lot of us don't expect, and I think that they could blow a lot of people out of the water.

It just depends if they want to take a hit and their revenues due to the fact that these consoles would cost a lot more. So they would either have to lose out on a lot of money in terms of taking a loss on these sales, or they would have to sell them a lot higher, and so I think it's.

Gon na be very interesting from their perspective. On what they would want to do in that regard, yeah absolutely, and I think, like they are like building towards a more PC synergy already with ya quantum break, releasing on PC as well.

That's, just one thing: they're doing but yeah. It would be interesting if they also had like the backlog of the pc on that concert will be like the steam machine, but from microsoft, yeah and probably more supported, because the steam machine is out and like where is it Delaware, because steam was never really behind It interesting interesting one last question: for you: will you buy the playstation 4 neo and if so or why would you buy it and if not, when would you might? I want to say that I'm in the eighty percent.

I'll, buy it range, and i'll. Tell you why i own a 1440p screen honestly playing games. Upscale de you know from 1082 1440p with the current graphical fidelity the PlayStation 4 can push is not really ideal.

It's, it's, something that you have to see in person or if you own, a 1440 cheese screen. You might know what I'm talking about, but it's, not as good as I would want it to be that I could definitely see a lot of games being held back like when I was playing the platinum demo before final Fantasy 15, I was kind of disappointed and the sense era was hyping up its graphics.

I hopped in it myself played it on my screen, possibly because upscaling, but also just because of the fact the PlayStation 4 in itself is being pushed to its limits. As is there's, a lot of blurring the environments, weren't that great looking cinematics and sort of when they zoomed in that the characters looked good.

But I think that with the neo, it could definitely breathe new life into those experiences that maybe are held back a bit and even uncharted as much as uncharted is ridiculously breathtaking for how much power they have to work with with the PlayStation 4, it could have Been so much more all the things that I have little tiny gripes about the game terms of his graphics could have been so well executed if it was a dissatisfaction at rumored for the PlayStation, so I think that I will end up buying it.

If there is a compelling reason to right now, my biggest gripe with the playstation 4 and consoled in general, especially with the fact that the xbox one & # 39, s been losing its exclusive and the playstation 4 has been announcing a lot of exclusives.

But it's only released ratchet and clank and uncharted 4 and the rest have been remasters. There needs to be exclusive. Those needs me a reason for me to buy this console and unless they announced a lot of release dates at e3.

Who knows there really be a reason? Yeah. I get get your point with a lot of ms, but we also saw Wellborn and until dawn. I think propellant is so small and as much as I like that game it was, I beat in six hours.

I didn't feel to play through it again and then, on top of that with blood-borne. I really wish I would have tried that out, but I I'm, not really into those types of games, but even then that's, only three games or four games rather compared to Microsoft's alway dozen.

By this point, that's been released and I think a lot of people don't get me enough. Credit with you know, because I said call duty and halo are kind of the same now, but a lot of people don't. Give me credit in the sense that I like exclusives.

The only reason why I bought it by consoles is exclusive right. I am the type of person that, if its third party, if it's released on pc, i'm playing on pc. I would rather play it on pc, because i have a beefy pc and I about luxury.

So I really hope that exclusive wise sony really shows up at e3. They really show that they're, going to be releasing these things and they're, not gonna be making a sort of wait for greatness. They're gonna be finally keeping the greatness moving, especially with their momentum with uncharted.

For that game was a masterpiece, and I cannot wait to play it more. Yeah awesome awesome. So for me a quick recap on: I will probably buy it. I thought maybe the NX would launch this year, but yeah that that ship has sailed.

It will not launch in March it out something. So i will probably look into that because yeah I use my piece for pretty often and having a new system that runs better and yeah. It just makes me happier - and I probably can get some money for my ps4 two hundred dollars - maybe and then sell it.

So yeah that that would that would be good and then spent 200 more on a totally new console. Okay, i'm down, but i I've. I need to be impressed as well at e3 curious how they will show that I mean if they really do that comparison with oh here is horizon on your V is for your old ps4 and here is it on a neo, and you really see like the Big differences they will screw over it's on a player.

So how will they do that? It will be super interesting, like we said already so, for its on of e3 bowl predictions, you're already at the right place. It is subscribe button for way more et predictions and also we are doing some III predictions for the first party and third-party developers, the sony e3 predictions to be up and now on sex channels of i have put a link down in description below you can now Look forward to seeing what we think that sony will have in store for us a tee tree.

It will be a super interesting show. Indeed it will be at the same time as every year. So, on the Monday evening, 6 a-6 p.m. PT so yeah that's like the Los Angeles time and yeah. You can figure out your own time anyway, thanks all for watching.

Let me know what you think about this place. You know in the comments below sec thanks again man, yes, certainly, certainly, I really am looking forward to all these conferences. I really am so happy.

We're past the 2012 and 2013 of this meth releases and the getting some momentum going. Finally, in this in the industry that really really loves so yeah everyone's been developing these games. They probably now understand the hardware way more than they did in 2013 to ask for this, so we & # 39.

Ve finally see those big titles like and charted for, so we want to see more of them thanks a lot check again and I'll speak to you guys next time, good, bye, bye,