JorRaptor @ E3 2016 - Thanks for the 500 subs!

I got my III batch and I'm, going to get a new one pretty soon, because III, it's. Coming up. I will be leaving very soon to LA it's, a 10-hour flight from the Netherlands pretty sick, but of course it's all worth it.

Don't. You play the new games, see the press conferences have a grand old time with my colleagues from IG menlik's. I write content for that website. Make videos do stuff like that. So this year I'm going to eat tree again and you can follow me behind the scenes.

Go to snapjet go to Instagram. I'll, also, probably post stuff on Twitter, but mostly on Instagram and snapchat. You can follow my adventure. I will post stuff from the show floor from the press conferences from behind the scenes.

When I play a game, I might do a quick like impressions. So if you want to follow that, you can you're already right at subscribe to this channel, because I will probably upload my snapchat over the whole day to the channel.

So I have to work out that, but that's like an idea I got, but you have to get it directly to your phone. You have to follow me, of course, on snapchat will be awesome. Also. I want to thank you a lot for commenting.

I mean the general Greg yeah. It grows very fast right now and that's. Awesome to see so, hopefully you guys will stick around because I will be at e3, so will not be able to make entry content for your Raptor.

But after that I will have my impressions. I will have discussions about things that happen at e3: wet sex sharks. You know that guy from the boat predictions videos we did so it will be awesome, but during entry I will have some stuff up, but not the things that you might expect from me.

My reactions on the press conferences, my looks at my prediction, so art operations I made are: did they come out stuff like that? I will do that all after e3, but to get like an update from the show floor.

Follow me on snapchat. Follow me on Instagram yeah, but for now thanks love for subscribing thanks a lot for commenting thanks. A lot for the reactions is awesome to see like I'm watching your videos.

It's very interesting to watch that really yeah. It gives me more fuel to go and go and make this content for you, so that's it for now. If you have any cool it's about Eitri, if you have some things like you're known, go there, I will go there, so jump them down in the comments below.

Let me know via social media, and I will check it out for you snap, a picture of course. I'm very busy at e3, but I'm. I will find the time to do stuff like that. So let me know in the comments down below like I said thanks a lot for watching and I will speak to you very soon, but in real time or through Instagram and snapchat right now, but later on, I will have all the e3 stuff you come to Expect from your Raptor pop on the channel so be sure to check it out and f4 now can't wait to go super-excited about a tree.