Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps. I'm notorious dub and today i'm, going to be breaking down the myths behind muscle memory and from there giving you guys all of the information you need to know to use covox.

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com link is in the description below now. Muscle memory is one of the most underrated and most important things to understand when it comes to being a good aimer, because it is literally the foundation that your ability as a gamer is built upon, and there are two things that are commonly referred to.

As muscle memory, the two types of muscle memory are muscle, fiber memory and neuron memory. Muscle fiber memory is your muscle's, ability to get back to its full ability after it breaks down over time, whether it's reaction time or simply just the size of the muscle and it's.

Much easier to relearn the skill and get back to your peak than it is to reach that peak in the first place, and then there's. Neuron memory, which is what we're, going to be focusing on because aim training is mostly developing the brain and mind muscle connections.

It's like riding a bike. There seems to be this moment where it just clicks and you're able to perform the task, and it never really goes away after that. But the great thing is, you can improve on that ability, because the connections in the motor cortex of your brain can be improved upon developing stronger connections and allowing your brain to access that memory easier.

This in turn makes performing that action way faster and a lot more consistent as well, and these motor neurons that we're developing, are able to help out with other similar actions, which is why we & # 39.

Ve developed a well-rounded aim, training routine to help fully develop your aiming ability. Now let's. Talk about the aiming mechanics that are the most common invalid that we're, going to be developing and exactly how we're.

Going to do it now at this point, we & # 39. Ve. All probably heard that crosshair placement is the most important thing in balance, which is entirely true, and it also means the most common movement that you're going to be performing.

Is micro changes around your crosshair? This is also known as micro adjustments, but in valor, most of your kills are going to come from an enemy peeking around a corner or you peeking a corner and an enemy just being slightly off of where you initially had your crosshair playstation and the micro adjustment Is then the key to snagging that kill and the perfect task to develop your ability to micro adjust is called micro shot? There will be one ball on the screen at all times and as soon as you destroy that ball, another one appears very close to that target and the goal is to be as accurate as possible with this task, while going as fast as possible as well.

Now a great goal for this task is going to be to go as fast as you possibly can go while staying above that ninety percent accuracy. So if you're above the ninety percent accuracy, threshold, speed up your shots and if you're, not above that ninety percent extra threshold slow down and make sure you're being as accurate as possible after that.

Of course, we have horizontal movement, for when enemies are strafing left to right or right to left, which happens so often, and you have to land that first shot at least to give them that 70 slow from the bullet to be able to pick up the rest Of the shots and pick up that kill for this skill, though we're, going to be incorporating the tam speed task here, you're, going to have two targets relatively far away from you spawn on the screen and move left and Right, the goal here once again is to flick as fast as possible to the target and land an accurate shot.

This is perfect for developing the ability to land those head shots on moving targets and be able to micro, adjust at longer ranges, and this task is a bit more difficult to land those shots. But you're, going to want to stay above the 85 to 90 accuracy threshold and increase your speed as much as possible, while still maintaining that accuracy and next we have target switching.

This is the highlight play skill where you have to swap from one target to the next very accurately and very quickly to hopefully pick up one or maybe even two more kills very quickly. Now to train this skill, we're, going to be using the dev target, switch task for this task.

Three balls will appear on the screen moving horizontally in both directions. The goal here is to flick to each ball as fast as possible and maintain your crosshair on the target until the target is destroyed.

Much like what you would be doing in valorem now here, since your gun will pretty much always be firing for this task. Don't focus too much on accuracy, instead simply focus on swapping targets as fast as possible, and not letting your crosshair come off of the target the entire time.

This is one of those skills that takes a while to be able to implement into the game, but once it clicks just like riding a bike, you'll notice, a huge improvement in your play and you'll start picking up those Big rounds for your teams and, finally, let's.

Talk about reaction time now in a game where fractions of a second are the difference between killing or being killed, winning or losing a round or winning or losing a game. Even your reaction time can be one of your biggest strengths or your worst weaknesses.

Now, reaction time is a highly debated topic on what the most effective ways to go about it are, but it's agreed upon by most that you can improve your base reaction time by somewhere from 10 to 20 on the given task, and we Know that performing the task that you want to get faster at works at improving your reaction time with it, so that's.

What we're, going to be focusing on and to train this, we're, going to be doing the reflex medium flick task here you want to throw accuracy and everything else out of the window, so we can isolate the reaction.

Time aspect of the task simply relax clear your mind and look at the screen and as soon as the target appears on the screen, flick and click your mouse as fast as humanly possible. The goal of this is to train your brain to react to the stimulus of the ball appearing as quickly as possible.

Now your score, isn't, going to look great on the leaderboard performing the task this way, but we have other tasks helping us with our accuracy, and this task is specifically used for helping us develop our reaction time and this shouldn'T be one of those tasks that you expect to see incredible results from overnight, but over time this could easily be one of the most beneficial exercises that you can do now.

We have left out quite a few different types of aiming here, because valorent, just honestly, doesn't require that type of movement. Things like long range flakes past about a 60 degree field of view.

Very rarely will you have to make those long range flakes, because valerian has funnel like places on the map, and you can generally tell where the enemies are going to be coming from. So the long range flick practice is honestly just a bit inefficient and we also have vertical movement where other games have an insane amount of vertical movement.

Valon has very slight verticality, built into the maps, and most of your fights are going to be on the same level or very slightly above, but very rarely a target moving upwards. And then we have tracking with constant, left and right changes in movement where other games have insane movement while shooting once enemies are tagged and valor.

They're, essentially just a sitting duck while you finish them off. So we don't have to worry too much about hitting targets that are constantly spamming, left and right, because once you get that first tag, it's, basically just a standing still enemy.

But before we send you on your way, you have to make sure that you have your settings right. There are a ton of people that tell me that valerian just feels different from kovacs and it turns out they've just been practicing on the wrong field of view or the wrong sensitivity.

The entire time. So first go to the settings tab in the main menu and here under the main tab, you're, going to want to set the sensitivity scale to valid and plug in your sensitivity that you use in valor.

Just below that also make sure you have your vertical sensitivity. Locked to your horizontal sensitivity, checked in your fov measurement here should also be set to valon as well, and it should be set to 103, which is the base fov for valerian.

Also for your max fps, you're, going to want to set your fps 43 fps below whatever the hurt suit. Your monitor is set at this way. You prevent any screen tearing whenever you're moving your mouse at high speeds, and it gives you the best performance.

Next, you're going to want to navigate to the weapon tab here, make sure you have the hide weapon box checked in and pick out a crosshair from their pre-generated crosshairs. That is pretty similar to your valorette crosshair and then under the video tab.

You're, going to want to make sure that your video mode is set to full screen. So you can make sure that your computer is running the game at its set hertz value instead of the default 60 and turn your graphics all the way down with anti-aliasing sets.

You know aaa and everything else set to off and then under visuals there are a ton of options to pick from, but the best players usually stick to a very neutral color, with no texture like gray or light blue for the walls, floor and sky.

But whatever you like works for you just make sure you have enough contrast where the balls actually stick out for you and finally, under the sounds tab. This is worth mentioning. The audio files are going to be personal preference for you, but we do recommend keeping them where you can hear them, because audio feedback is huge for improvement and understanding immediately.

What's going wrong, but if the miss shot sound tilts, you specifically feel free to turn that one off now let's, get into the skill capped playlist. This playlist is designed to be a warm up and a cool down for whenever you're done with valor for the day and it's.

Super easy to download and use the link will be in the description below so optimally. You're, going to want to use this playlist two times a day in the morning before you play and before you're getting off for the night, it's, also a very short 18 minute playlist.

So if you're ever in a slump, take a break and do the playlist to warm back up, because, honestly, warming up is completely overpowered and just doing a simple warm-up will put you way ahead of most of the people at your skill level.

So, first off we're, going to start with two pressure aiming 7 target tasks. Pressure aiming is a very underrated task because it's great for getting the hand warmed up and getting you moving the mouse correctly.

There's. Also a ton of clumps of targets that you're, going to be micro. Adjusting with and the occasional flick, getting most of the movements warmed up, and the task is also just pretty fun in general and fun is a huge part of sticking to a routine.

Now, for pressure aiming you're going to want to go as fast as possible, while maintaining an 85 to 90 accuracy on your shots, so be sure to speed up as much as you can. But we want to make sure we have good form as well and maintain a high level of accuracy because it doesn't matter.

How fast you are, if you just can't hit your shot, and then we're. Going straight into three runs of the micro shot, speed task. This is similar to pressure aiming because this task is great for warming up, but it forces you to be a bit more precise with your movements and is really going to focus on training.

Your ability to micro adjust the targets close to your crosshair for this task. Specifically, you're, going to want to aim for the 92 accuracy threshold while once again pushing yourself to go as fast as possible, so speed up your shots until you start to fall below that 92 mark and then maintain or slow it down.

Just a bit to bring yourself back up, and next we're, going to go with three runs of the reflex: medium flick task, where you're, going to be developing your reaction time and improving your skill and balance all across the Board for that matter, for this task, for the most part, you can forget about accuracy, simply focus on flicking and clicking the mouse, as humanly fast as you can as soon as the target appears on the screen now getting a high score on this task is great, And the accuracy will come over time, but that's, not what you should be focusing on.

Overall, the goal of this task is to develop speed, not accuracy and not a high score and, of course, with the next four runs. We have to do. Tamp speed: this task is quite difficult and starts to incorporate movement into the task, but here you want to focus on hitting the movement targets over and over as quickly as possible, and you want to make sure to be accurate as well.

This task is hands down the best task to develop your ability to hit targets on the go and snag those head shots on difficult to hit targets. This task is also a bit more difficult, though so you're, going to want to focus on the 85 to 90 accuracy threshold, and while there isn't an accuracy penalty in the score calculation, accuracy is huge for being able to Hit the heads of enemies moving horizontally so make sure you keep that accuracy high, and then we're going to pivot into target switching with dev target switch.

This task is going to train your ability to map out your path from target to target and start racking up. Those kills back to back and picking up those rounds. You honestly just have no business picking up now for this task.

You're, going to want to focus on speed going as fast as you possibly can snapping from target to target, as each of them is destroyed and focused on not letting your crosshair escape the target once you lock onto it now.

I do have a couple of closing remarks because kovacs isn't going to do everything for you when it comes to improving invalid, so first of all, cross replacement is one of the most important factors in valorem like we talked about earlier and kovacs.

Honestly can help you very much with crosshair placement. This is because crosshair placement is mostly dependent on math knowledge and understanding the head shot height of the angles that you're, going to be peeking into or going to be peaked from.

If you do want to train crosshair placement, though, then deathmatch is going to be your best friend. So, instead of focusing on winning the deathmatch visualize, the angles that you're, going to be peeking into and try to predict the headshot angle with your crosshair.

Another great tip is to line your crosshair up with your teammates heads at the beginning of each round and try to keep your crosshair at that head level throughout the entire round. This way, any enemy peaking at your level will be perfectly in line with your crosshair, and you have to move your crosshair, the shortest distance, to be able to hit that headshot and, of course, we have spray spraying is individual for each gun and balance and kovarx.

Honestly, just can't mimic that level of depth, and you're, going to need to practice those shots as well. The best way to practice this is to go into the shooting range and pick out your gun of choice.

Go to the practice dummy with the adjustable target, set it to 20 meters and focus on spraying as much as you can, while keeping all of your bullets inside the smallest circle in the middle. Gradually, you're, going to increase the amount of bullets that you're spraying and in no time you'll.

Be able to follow up that precise first shot that you're training with govox, with some backup shots to finish the job and finally, kovacs isn't the real game. You should always follow up your covox with some deathmatch or even games, if you have the time after training in aimlabs to help connect what you've practiced in isolation to the actual game of valor and remember if you want to improve win more Gunfights and get the rank you've, always wanted, then check out.

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Coming your way that you're going to want to stay up to date with so you can stay ahead of the pack and, as always, i want to thank you for spending this little bit of your day with us, and i'M notorious dub signing off you