Assassin's Creed Valhalla - (Second) Hands On Impressions

Loading [ Music ] welcome to access the animus, [ Music, ], hello, everyone and welcome to a new video here on access. The animus. Today we're, going to share with you a load of news, information and footage.

In fact, very recently, our team was able to get their hands on a new demo of assassin's, creed, valhalla and now the embargo is over. So we're, finally ready to once again open the floodgates on everything we know and tested about the game and to tell you about the positive and negative aspects we found about it.

The demo was based on the leatherchestershare region of the england map and because of wheat, we were able to have a deep dive in the settlement system, along with testing a new story arc that involved the sons of ragnar lothbrok and the kings of mercia.

But that's, not all, in fact, while testing the demo, we also tried several new features like social stealth, averse customization, the young's, vikings, feature shops and stores, new world events, new raids, a new assault, a new animals anomaly and Several other features and activities that we're, going to discuss and show both in this video and in the coming days.

Thus, without further ado, let's get started. The first thing that we found before starting the demo was a new option that was put between choosing male or female a board. That is the so-called let the animus decide option more specifically, this is a feature that will allow the animus to represent the stronger female or male aver memory stream, depending on the memory strength.

While this and the other two options of choosing male or female aver are available at all times, this specific feature feels to us like a canon mode in disguise. We guess we'll just have to wait and see how it gets justified.

The main feature of this demo, though, was the settlement, and there is so much to say that we & # 39. Ll, probably have to create a dedicated video about it. The settlement represents the center of many mechanics in the game.

The narrative arcs start and end here. The buildings of this location provide unique services to aver, and it also has the feeling of a community through and through, as the people living here are not just mere npcs that you interact with in order to obtain something for yourself, but they dialogue with you.

They have a name, a life and a function of their own for the community, as you might have heard already. The settlement is comprised of several buildings - your long house, a sheep yard to customize your ship a blacksmith to upgrade and enhance your weapons and add perks through runes a table to play orlog a dice game, the barracks where players can customize their yarm'S: viking, a bakery which will improve the buffs obtained by having feasts at the settlement.

A fisherman's hut where ever obtains the fishing line that allows them to fish a hidden one's; bureau, a tattoo parlor and barbershop. When you can change your appearance, the stables where you can customize the appearance of your hearts and your ravens soon in along with training your horse in different skills, a house of arts with a man that taught ever how to write, poetry, a collector of roman artifacts And ruins a serious hut which might be the connection to another time, another plane, a hunter's hut with a hunting lock for legendary animals, a brewery, a graveyard, the houses of some additional settles and key characters, and much more that'S a lot to take in right.

We told you we might need to prep a dedicated video for the purposes of this video. We'll, get more into detail about just a few of them. The long house, for example, is the most important building, not only because you can have fists in it, but also because it contains a ledger that tells you the status and level of your settlement, a room for aver to sleep and refill health, a box where they Can receive letters a throne and especially the war room where they can meet with their warchief randy, the wife of their brother, sigurd ranvi, will oversee the alliance map a map where the player can pledge to a territory to confirm they are interested in an alliance starting The main story arc dedicated to that region in the settlement.

You can also unlock and start the construction of buildings and potentially upgrade them too. The construction of the various buildings will unlock some of the services at your disposal like the cartographer who can sell maps for items and treasures or the fisherman's hat, which will give aver their first fishing line.

So they can fish all around england's shores. Another notable building for hardcore fans was the hidden ones bureau. This will act as a base of operations for the hidden ones and will be run by haitham, a hidden one who was invited by basim to join him in his trip to northern europe.

To purge it from the order of the ancients, as mentioned in a letter by his mentor ray han, this bureau will share similarities with the bureaus from assassin's, creed, one as once you kill the members of the order of the ancients around the World you will collect medallions that you can bring back to haitham in order to know more about the hidden ones and the order of the ancients.

It also has some similarities with assassin's. Creed 2, as it features a few puppets or scarecrows to test your assassination skills on even the hidden blade charge attack. Another huge element that we tested in the demo was customization of all kinds.

Of course, we did try the various combinations of beard and hair in the settlement, not only in terms of shapes, but also in terms of color and again, of course, we also test the various tattoos, as mentioned in our previous videos.

We can also confirm that the flying papers that can be found around in the world can lead to tattoo designs that can be then brought back to the settlement to be applied. We also tested the customization of the ship at the shipyard, which allows the players to choose their hull, sail shields, figurehead and tail in a similar fashion to what happened in assassin's.

Creed odyssey customization also affects the equipment owned by avar. In fact, players can upgrade their equipment by using resources. They can quote unquote, enhance it via the blacksmith. They can apply perks through the runes that they can find in the world and a returning feature from odyssey.

There will also be some equipment sets with specific buffs like the ravenclan set. We also got the chance to finally test the yum's. Viking feature apart from its online component. In fact, in the settlement, the player will be able to create and customize their own viking through the equipment that they have found in the world.

The viking will then follow them on their ship and even in raids and battle. The settlement also provided some cosmetic elements to choose in different locations like statues, wells, cele and more, and the list that we could choose from was pretty thin, so it's very likely that more elements can be found in the world.

And lastly, as promised, the settlement has cats and dogs that ever can pet at their leisure. You don't want to miss this. Do you another element that we were very excited to test was social stealth or social blending, as described in the game.

More specifically, we tested the function in the town of leather chester, which was a huge distrust area where aor automatically puts their hood on and can move around, but not too close to guards to avoid being detected.

[, Music ]. This is a very good playground for social stealth, as it does help blending with the crowds and what the npcs are doing to avoid being spotted. For example, it was possible to walk amidst groups of local monks, sit at tables where other people are eating, bribe local drunk cards and use them to stage distractions.

We could also fake being an artisan and, of course, we could use benches and even try and stage an assassination close to them. Also in a different location, we notice that you can hit bags of flour to create a smoke bomb effect and create another kind of distraction keeping to the stealth aspect of the game.

We're, also pretty pleased by the new sounds and tones of the assassinations which add more gravitas to the moment. We also got to try more raids and a new assault, while the concept of the raid is now common knowledge.

This time they felt not only fun to do, but also useful, as the resources pillaged through them could be used to unlock the buildings in the settlement. We also found some variation to the raid formula.

For example. In this case, we found a blockade through the river which could not be destroyed until we part took in the raid and destroyed the pivots that kept holding it [ Music ]. Another interesting element that we found at another raid is this heavy crossbow.

That was part of the fortress that we raided and we hadn't seen before. And lastly, we also found some new enemy types in them, like the skirmishers which work together to attack you these enemies that throw hammers and the standard barrier which we had already seen in trailers, and that requires a different strategy than most other enemies.

As the shield. Doesn't seem to parry his attacks because of how tall he is, as mentioned before. Raids can also be done stealthily, but need to be finished by activating them anyway, in order to force doors open and to open heavy chests.

The new assault that we tried, which again was part of the main story arc, was interesting because of the setting in the new location, which was tamworth the capital of mercia, but did not provide a whole lot of variation for what we tried in the other demo.

In july exploration was once again a huge element of what we tested and, to be honest, it really feels like wherever you are in the world. There are a lot of activities, interactions, side, quests, world events, etc.

That can pique your interest and more often than not distract you from what you're doing and quite like last time, with this spot and test a lot of them. We've, seen shops, where players can find consumables gear, runes and a lot of cosmetic schemes along with some books that you can read.

We hope that you can get the reference here and this wasn't, even the only easter egg. Slash reference that we found in this shop. We also bought two sheep blueprints that we then brought back to the settlement to apply to our ship.

We also found more stables around the world too, which allowed to customize your horse and raven. As mentioned before, ancient roman locations were something we were looking forward to and we were pretty happy to find a few of them and inside these locations we also found the so-called roman artifacts, which are collectibles that have to be brought back to octavius, the collector of Roman artifacts in the settlement, who waits to receive five of them in order to unlock something too bad.

We didn't find enough to know what that is. While exploring. We also found a prompt to have a panoramic view of the area. It was nice to try it, but then again we have our raven to do that in every location.

Right, we experienced the stone cairns again and while the activity itself was different, the narrative part tied to young aver and their mother was the same as the one shown in the ubisoft forward demo in july.

Another activity that we tried was flighting and while it can still be considered cringy by some, it felt a bit smoother than the version of the activity that we tested in july, especially because of the presence of other characters around also.

We did try an example of additional dialogue, choice based on the charisma level obtained through flighting, which allowed us to convince a character of the main story arc to reduce the price of what she asked after loving them in the first demo.

We also got to try and listen to some new ship's stories and skaldic songs. While there was plenty of new stories in the demo, most songs were the ones that we already listened to in the ubisoft forward.

Demo, apart from one right, we also tried a new standing stone puzzle where we aligned the view to form a design on the environment. We once again tried fishing after upgrading the fisherman's hut in the settlement and found another page of the rigsukur sagas, but after that it was time for new activities.

Again, for example, we found a new hallucination challenge, ava ate some hallucinogenic mushrooms and started seeing seals on a pretty mountainous area and several portals too. Looking at how the seals moved, we had to choose which portal to go through and in which sequence? Then we saw how an offering outer works for this activity, which is tied to the norse beliefs.

The player will have to hunt specific animals in order to get a detailed quantity of specific parts that a-world can offer at the altar. We also finally saw how orlog the dice game in valhalla works. It is indeed a game divided in phases where you can melee attack.

Long range attack invoke the favors of the gods that will cause damage to the opponent or steal the favors from your opponents, so that you can invoke them all in all. It seems like a complicated game when you read the instructions, a possibly too simple game when you try it hands on and likely a proper strategy minigame on the long run, once you & # 39, ve mastered its intricacies.

The world was also teeming with new world events, the short stories or side quests in the world that were announced pretty early in the marketing campaign. And once again, we were pleasantly surprised to see how some of them showed some very interesting and emotional characters and some nasty ones too: [, Music, ], oh and another word event, provided us with a second easter egg, slash reference that we could find in the demo.

We also got our hands on another animus anomaly, but as usual, that's, a full spoiler kind of content that we were not able to show you. And lastly, we finally encountered the zealots who are very powerful warriors that are aching to the phylaketi.

In origins, rather than the mercenaries in odyssey and are part of the order of the ancients and actually roam the world in order to find avor, the zealots are also tied to the story arc that we tested and they were actually called by one of its main Characters and antagonists of the danes in order to kill avor speaking of the story arc in the demo that we tested.

We did indeed try and finish it. So we'll do our best to analyze it in a separated context, but suffice to say that it does feel like an episodic piece of content. The story required us to ally with ivar and abba ragnarsson, two of the sons of ragnar lothbrok.

In order to depose the current king of mercia bergrad and install a new quote-unquote puppet king chao wolf, as it indeed happened, historically, the story did indeed develop nicely, with all characters being recognizable fairly early, both because of their name and especially because of their traits.

As mentioned earlier, the narrative arc went through an assault on tamworth some social stealth on lead chester and went through some other locations of the map as well, showing how the narrative is not only interconnected with the personal story of the main character and with history, but Also with some of the main gameplay features of the game, nothing is perfect, though, and we have indeed found some visible negative aspects to this preview.

Build as well. Parkour still feels heavy inelegant and slow, and in a number of occasions it caused ever to go in a different direction than planned. To be honest, at this point, we obviously don't feel like this is going to change before the release of the game.

Another negative element that we found at times was the appearance of frame rate drops in some cutscenes or in major cities. This is something that hopefully, is going to be resolved soon. Otherwise it can very likely risk to impact the immersion of the player, and that was it for today's, video.

What do you guys think about this huge new load of information? What is the aspect that you'd, like for us to analyze more in depth? Let us know in the comments below if you liked the video don & # 39, t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn the notifications on.

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