Assassin's Creed Valhalla News (Main Cities First Look, Settlement Location, Female Eivor Screens)

Loading [ Music ] welcome to access the animus, [ Music, ], hello, everyone and welcome to a new video here on access the animals. Today, we're, going to share with you something pretty unexpected. As a matter of fact, a few days ago, producer julianne laferriere participated in megamix 2020, a canadian game industry event, and in that occasion he held a one hour conference dedicated to the making off of assassin's.

Creed valhalla that was streamed publicly and later shared online for free both by the mega mix and also the ubisoft montreal accounts. Why is that of any interest? Well, if only for darby mcdavid being shown using an actual shield, but also for quite the amount of information about the conception, pre-production and production phases of the game and even for some new and very interesting screenshots, including a first look at the three main series of The game and a new screenshot about parkour and stealth also keep your eyes peeled throughout the video, as quite a number of screenshots and assets that we have only seen up to now.

Staring male avoir have now been shown in their female avof version. Thus, once again sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. As mentioned earlier. On september, the 25th 2020 producer julian lafayette, held an online conference about the making off of assassin's.

Creed valhalla discussing his work as producer, as well as the conception, pre-production and production phases of the game, while for obvious reasons, he did not delve into the post-launch one. For the purposes of this video, and also considering that the original conference was one hour long, we're going to skip on the mostly known general information surrounding the game and will try and collate only the new and most relevant bits.

While you'll be able to find the link to the full conference in the description first thing. First, le gardier discussed the conception phase of the game which started three years ago and was focused on the viking era, setting because, among other reasons, there have always been a huge demand for such setting, even in the various surveys sent to fans by ubisoft.

According to the producer, even from the first concept art, the development team had clear in mind what they wanted to do with the game in its setting. So they started to explore who the vikings were.

They were raiders and warriors obviously, but they were also settlers and farmers and explorers too, so the team set out to represent each of these facets in the game during the conception phase to get the devs more immersed.

In the context, one of the meeting rooms in the studio was also redecorated, as the team collaborated with a reenactment group from quebec to embellish the meeting room, also with some recreation of some equipment of the time.

The team also traveled three years ago to some of the areas involved in the game and in such trip. It part took in several activities to have a better feeling of what they were going to work on, like going on a drag car, simulating or testing weapons and shields, trying archery going in a long house and in the most classic assassin's.

Creed fashion reaching high points to find inspiring vistas. Some of them even did a 24-hour survival exercise of props to them. La ferriere also mentioned that in a trip, the team met with various historians and experts like combat experts, tracker construction experts, etc.

Laying the ground for the historical basis of the game that would also be subsequently supported by the collaboration with dr jackson, crawford the director of nordic studies at the university of colorado.

The producer continued by saying that in the conception phase, the team wanted to create a world that people could fall in love with and more specifically, the 9th century ad time frame was chosen, because that was the golden age of the vikings.

Do you see that that new fancy female avoc picture there's more coming up so stay with us, while discussing aver as the main character defined in the conception phase, along with mentioning that players can choose to play both as a male or female Version of them the producer once again confirmed if needed, that they are the leader of the raven clan and that they were decided to be a viking in the assassin's.

Creed world will end up learning the abilities of the assassins and also that they were going to be part of a story that would have shaped the course of the history. Within the brand lafayette mentioned that the conception phase was completed with a trip by the team to the paris headquarters around two years ago, where the team showed management the direction they wanted to have for the game.

After that, the pre-production phase started in pre-production. The direction was to create the benchmark viking experience and in order to do that, the team had to decide the main elements that would allow the game to achieve that objective, which they wanted to be aligned to the various traits that vikings were famous for, and that Had been highlighted in the conception phase, the vikings being raiders obviously led to the raid's, mechanics and features their warrior.

Attitude meant a focus on the fighting system, their approach to being settlers and farmers led to the settlement system in the game and being they explorers not only led to the progression system, but also to the so called toy that is giving to the player an engaging And interesting world to play with producer then went into more details about each of these main elements in raids.

As we know, players can use their crew to attack, locations and steal and pick up resources from a monastery or a fortified location which will later be useful in the progression of the settlement. As a matter of fact, lafayette presented the raid loop that was studied in the pre-production phase, showing how the player can start them, while being on their long trip with their crew, then obtains resources that can be used in the settlement where they can find more crew.

Through whom they can start more raids and so on, while in pre-production, the team also thought of using some of the features of the raid system for other purposes than raids. So the producer mentioned that in the game, the crew can assist the player with any content.

Close to the water, for example, some bandits or guards patrolling the areas, and these fights can also bring rewards that can be used in the settlement tied to the raid loop. Are the jones vikings an online feature that allows players to customize their biking and to share them with friends and benefit when they are used in their successful raids? This we knew already, but now we also know that jumps vikings can be recruited by creating a dedicated building in the settlement that allows the player to see the jumps vikings created by their friends and to recruit them for their own raids.

While the producer did not mention any new information about the combat system, he discussed the settlement and how it is based on progression where players can unlock and build buildings through our resource systems, as hinted at while looking at the race mechanics.

He went on by saying that the game structure has changed from past games because the team wanted the settlement to be at the heart of the game, so every narrative arc or opportunity in general will start and end there.

In general, the player will choose the opportunity or story or activity they want to pursue and by completing it they will obtain resources and experience that they will bring back to the settlement to improve its progression, unlock buildings etc.

But in such journeys they might also meet characters that might allow them to choose new opportunities or arcs in turn leading to new adventures and resources, and so on. As for what concerned, the combat system, lafayette did not mention any new information about the progression system as well, but, interestingly enough, he showed the female avoc version of this now pretty well known picture dedicated in fact to show various degrees of equipment based on progression.

[, Music ]. The producer then discussed the so-called toy. That is the game world that the developers are hoping players will be immersed in and play with. In his words, the team worked on how the player would consume the content of the game to make sure that, just by looking at the world, the player can see possibilities, opportunities and, in general, interesting things to do.

At the end of the pre-production phase, the team created the fp or first playable otherwise known as vertical slice. That is the first playable version of the game and that's, the first taste of what the game might end up being in the fp.

The team chose the territory of the game in this case lincolnshire and in it they had to prove all the main elements of the game that had been defined in pre-production, therefore, including a first version of the settlement, [, Music, ].

Speaking of the settlement, the map used in the video to highlight the region used in the first playable also showed the location of the settlement itself. At this point, it's, not clear. If that is the location you use for the settlement, just in the first playable version of the game or, if said location, ended up being the same in the final game, all in all, it's.

Still some interesting food for thought. At the end of pre-production, then, the team went back to paris to show the first playable to management in order to have an actual game session, to show the main features of the game and eventually got greenlit to enter the production phase and to create the remaining Territories of the game after that, according to lafarier, it was time for the actual production phase where the teams and their sizes are considerably ramped up and where code development by other studios was also added to the equation, allowing the work of devs to be parallelized.

More specifically, he stated that production takes place in several studios 16 to be precise, including montreal, with obvious different levels of involvement. For example, singapore and sophia were dedicated to create content for the game specifically for dedicated portions of the world.

Montpellier worked on the cinematics, bucharest and pune worked on tests. Kiev worked on the pc version of the game and more technical features, and barcelona worked on the combat and on boss fights it's in the production phase, that the team creates the scope of the game producing all of its elements.

So that is, for example, where the three main cities of the game that is winchester, london and york, slash jorvik, have been created, and thankfully the producers shared the first visuals for them. Stealth, the use of parkour and the hidden blade are other features that the devs have focused on during production, also including social stealth, described by the producer as the opportunity to be able to use elements of the cities and standing and moving groups of people.

Among other things, to hide from guards latakia mentions some more elements that were developed during production. That is the assaults which we already know to be set pieces and exotic moments that are heavily based on narrative purposes and the wildlife which will be made up of 45 animal species along with 20 kinds of fish to support the fishing activities in the game.

Another element created during production are the various locations of the game that were developed in the producers, words with the intention of having them unique and challenging enough for the players, but also to support some of the activities in the game.

Like the anonymous anomalies, the various landmarks like stonehenge and puzzle, wood, the standing stones, the newly announced, but also kind of expected, caverns, the offering altars fishing flighting drinking games, dice, games and more.

The game will also feature several ancient roman ruins that, according to lafakir, have been modeled bigger than how they would actually be in order to represent how it felt for the people of the time that considered the ancient roman culture as something that had been lost.

In time, and they were not able to reproduce but still had an influence on them with this new screenshot showcasing the fight with cordelia one of the daughters of lyrium bosses, la ferriere also discussed the various encounters designed in production to be found in the game.

Like the world events and the drengr, which we have shown in our past videos, the bandit ambushes and the military patrols and a newly announced kind of encounter, the zealot warriors that he did not elaborate on.

But we're, pretty interested in who do you think these zedd warriors will be, and what will we do with them? Let us know in the comments we're really interested to know what you might think about them.

The producer also mentioned that it's in the production phase, that all the mocap activities by the voice actors take place and also the audio mixing where the developers mix all the sounds. Noises voiceover and music in the game, including the music played by einer salvik through the traditional and historical viking instruments, as shown in this picture, and that was it for today's video.

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