Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Interview with Narrative Director Darby McDevitt

Loading [ Music ] welcome to access the animus, [ Music, ], hello, everyone and welcome to a new video here on access the animus. Today we have something special for all of you. That is a fully fledged interview with narrative director darby mcdevitt.

Following our test of a new demo of assassin's, creed valhalla, in the interview we touched upon several hot topics like the settlement ava and sigurd's, relationship, a prophecy that ava receives in the early stages of the story, the hidden Ones: bureau the zealots and the order of the ancients in the game, the mythological aspects, the potential to travel to america or finland, as it was called the three main narrative arcs in the game and modern day, and whether leyla's character can be Redeemed also, we'd, really like to thank darby for his time and the assassin's, creed and ubisoft pr teams for allowing this very interesting discussion to happen, and we hope you will enjoy watching and listening to it as much as We did preparing it so without further ado.

Let's dive into the interview. Thank you so much darby for joining us today. It's. Uh, it's, a pleasure to have you uh on on our channel and on in this interview, cool it's good to be here thanks so um.

Recently we had the chance to try this new demo of uh assassin's. Creed valhalla and the main element that was shown in the preview event was the settlement. So we have seen a lot of building and and interactions that you can have with the world.

But what was very interesting to us was the kind of relationship that you can have uh with the with the participants, the with the with all the settlers that are uh in there. So can you tell us how the idea of the settlement came to be during development and what the settlement means to avor and their brother sure um uh? I think back when we were discussing what's uh, you know, time period to do and and then settling on the vikings, but then feeling like um, the the the cliched version of vikings is that they're.

Just you know 9th century pirates or something um, which is you know, not untrue, uh, but in order to make a game around it to make you care about the people that you're um, that you're playing and that you're interacting with there needed to be something more than just uh um.

This sort of uh, brutal aspect of raiding and pillaging and and um so sort of like we did with black flag, where you try to get to the heart of what actually produces pirates, what what sort of culture grows up around them? Why do people become pirates? We also did a deep dive into the norse uh peoples of the ninth century and found out that, obviously, the viking going viking, which is more of a verb than a noun at this point.

But going viking is actually one aspect of a much larger culture and so as we dive deeper - and we found that, especially at this time in the uh in the late 9th century, where vikings or let's, say the norse people were leaving norway On mass because of uh um, a king named harold fairhair, he sort of unified the whole country.

He kicked out a lot of rival, kings and and yarls and things so a lot of people are leaving norway at this time. This is when iceland was discovered and settled, and greenland shortly thereafter and the pharaoh islands in ireland lots of diaspora, norse, diaspora, let's say so.

Once you get in in that deep into understanding a culture, you, you start to get a sense of uh. Well, you get a sympathy for them and you realize that they weren't just vikings. They were, they were just vikings.

You know every so often there were also people who went and settled. They were also people who had to raise families and um and uh. There were politics, and you know political struggles and things like that.

So we thought, instead of just making a game where you're going around raiding and pillaging, for you know the entire length of the game. Let's actually ground you in something more emotional and more closer to your heart.

So, by going to england, by setting up a settlement, you have something you have to care about: um you put uh resources and blood, sweat and tears into it and it gives back or, and then you want to protect it.

Things happen to it and, of course it's. Not all we keep many people together, working towards the common cause. So there's struggles and strife um. So we wanted that to be an aspect, a big aspect of the game so that it didn't just feel like you were just an antagonist now.

Clearly, you are an antagonist uh in terms of the saxons um, but even that over the course of the game will change um as you, the more integrated you get, the more you have to actually be a leader and you have to make hard choices, and that Was something i was about to ask you as well like uh? What what is the kind of decisions like uh light and hard decisions that you might have to do while you are in the settlement? Well, so we we - because this is an assassin's - creed, game uh.

We wanted to uh try to keep their some sort of semblance of like. There is a canon story that moves through this. So we didn't want to go as far as like um you, you know you can make one decision and the settlement burns to the ground and you lose it forever and then another decision is you get it and you um.

You keep the settlement forever. So when i say decisions, sometimes i mean uh decisions. The player makes but other times i mean decisions. Avor makes okay, uh yeah as part of the story, but i don & # 39.

T want to reveal that, because that would be spoiling the story. Okay, you see what i mean: yeah, of course, for sure yeah. So so so there's, a mix between uh, the the bigger decisions actually happen out in the territories.

Uh, where you're deciding who to put into power, or you're, deciding uh the course of some sort of political event or something like that um, but the the settlement grows and uh it. It grows according more to a story.

Okay, a narrative than uh than let's, say an rts, so um i mentioned a bit earlier: uh avert and siegert. I wanted to ask you if you could be if you could go a bit more into their relationship like in in the dialogue in the demo.

It & # 39. S mentioned that in in norway, siger's. Father hasn't left his kingdom to him. If i got it right that's right and so sieger than ever are now in england. So how is that factoring? Uh in siger's path, and how does that affect the relationship between aver and siegert? In the long run in in an interview he also mentioned there's, a dark side to sigurd, so yeah yeah yeah yeah uh.

Well, i'm, not going to go too much deeper to that, but there's there's. One element that hasn't been uh, that if i & # 39, ve only mentioned a few times, but the actual event that kicks this all off is that um in norway, um avor within the first i'd, say hour of The game uh gets a prophecy uh from uh.

We've met velka now in the game spot there aboard gets a prophecy from volca because of a lot of things that are happening, uh that she will betray, or he will betray sigurd. Oh uh and so, of course, avor saying like uh well, this is my brother like.

I would never betray my brother, but with that hanging over avor's head okay, the story will move forward and there will be all kinds of opportunities for that to occur and it will get harder and harder for avor to resist those opportunities.

So the question would be: does this prophecy come true or not? Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? All these kinds of questions that prophecies always uh tend to do now. This is assassin's, creed of course.

So the idea of prophecy is an interesting one. In our yeah in our in our series um, but i won't, go too deep into that: okay um, but that's. Actually, one of the big motivating factors is there's. This idea of a prophecy that evor this is a huge element of norse culture right.

They believed that their fates were already written uh. There are these cree, these creatures or beings called the nor near the norns. Uh singular norn, who are thought of as weavers people who are spinning, yarn, weaving weaving and that there's, a big tapestry in which everyone's.

Life is written that is sort of weaved into it, and you can't do anything to change your fate, but you can act as if you can. Okay, that the the the most sort of courageous way to act is act as if you know you're, going to get glory and a reputation and a good reputation in your life.

But fate has already determined it. So so you can't really fight against it um. This is actually the meaning behind a lot of the norse myths that if you read the poetic, edda or the prose edda, you find a lot of gods who are trying really desperately to avoid a fate that's been prophesized to them.

Um. In fact, the poetic edda opens with uh prophecy about how ragnarok will start um and and how and the faith all the gods. And so we wanted to play into this aspect. So at the beginning, avor gets a prophecy and then spends a lot of the game.

Trying to avoid it yeah so um, so when i say their secret has a dark side. What i mean is there's, lots of things that sigurd does that that pushes against avoirs like uh, you know prophecy, let's, say: okay, um! You asked something else.

There was a second part to your question: um no! Well! I was asking uh i i did mention that siegert's, father uh, hasn't left his kingdom, yes yeah, yeah yeah, i won't get into that because that's, a fun part of the story.

Okay, so we'll. Leave that to be a surprise: okay, very well, uh! So let's, get a bit more into the assassini kind of questions that i i'm sure you expected from us. I guess so, while playing the demo, we saw that there is a hidden ones: bureau, uh uh in the settlement and it's run by hitham.

Is that the correct pronunciation? Hyphen yeah? Okay? And he's, a member of the hidden ones who followed basim in in northern europe to purge it from the order of the ancients. If i got it correctly from the demo, so can you elaborate on what is the narrative purpose for that and what avor and the player can do through the hidden one bureau, so the the hidden ones come as guests of sigurd, obviously, um avor doesn't really know them in the beginning, but they come to england uh because they have with the clan because they have a similar purpose or let's, say a parallel purpose and uh as soon as they settle down.

Sigurd's like hey, let's. Give these guys a place to operate because they'd, be good to me. I'm, going to be good to them and then very quickly. Uh thereafter, sigurd goes up to to me to the sons of ragnar, so the demo you played actually is right, one of the first two territories you could do in england, so it's right at the beginning of england, okay um.

So you will have just uh like when you played the demo. We built the uh, the hidden ones bureau for you so that you already had it there, but it's actually up to avor to build it. So a lot of players could probably wait.

You know until they were two-thirds of the way done with the game before they actually built it. Um it's. It's, pretty free-form and open, but when you do build it um what python tells you? Basically it says, look um! You want to have alliances here throughout all of england, because you want to make a home safe for yourself, and you want to have some sort of reputation in power.

We're here to kill the order of the ancients. They have infested this country, especially especially the cities um. So if you, if i give you a list of names and you go, kill them uh, that will clear the path for you making a really solid alliance in these cities, uh and elsewhere.

But we focus on the cities uh at the beginning, um. This opens up two things: it opens up um. Well, it opens up more than two things, but i won't spoil everything, but it opens up. The two main things that opens up is one you get access to the first of the three cities um, so you'll, get to go and uh kill targets in the three cities; uh like any good assassin's; creed, game; okay, Um - and the second thing it does is, it opens up a really big order of ancients.

Uh flow chart, let's, say like the system in odyssey. Okay, so there's. Some there's more than three dozen targets. Um wow and it's. Actually it's, almost four dozen targets, almost um, but a bunch of those are um.

Some of them are locked by behind the story and others are systemic. So so you don't really have to worry too much about tracking all uh, all of them down um. The story will take care of some of them right, so that's, a kind of our way of like, if you just play the story and then you and you're done with the story and you haven't Touched the order of ancients menu, some of it will be crossed off for you already anyway.

Okay, that's cool. I should i should continue this um, so yeah there's, that um um and, like i think i said in a in another interview, all of them have confession rooms, so some are bigger than others, obviously yeah but yeah.

We love the confession room. So we made sure that they all had something, even if some of them are a little bit short okay and they're. All very spicy - and i read in an interview that you collect medallions from your targets and bring them back to heighten so that's, sort of like an element aching to ac1.

When you bring your right blooded feather to exactly yeah, we didn't. Do the blooded feather, because it symbolically it didn't, make sense for avor, but also there's. Um there's, something else where um back in origins when um i did some work on origins and and and with the team, and it was uh part of my job on origins - was to create the proto assassins and proto-templars the order of the Ancients and the hidden ones, and one of the things that i never got to do - that i've done in this game is, is differentiate.

The order of the ancients from the templars. I had always imagined that they were they they um were. They were motivated by slightly different um uh motivations. I just motivated my different motivations, okay uh.

They were driven by different motivations than the the modern templars um. I i thought that was important, because i i thought the idea of the, because if we're going to change over from one group to another, there had to be some kind of little change.

So this medallion that you get actually is um. Symbolic of kind of the older way of thinking um that the order of the ancients embodies um, and i and i think it when you explore this game fully and you dive deep into the order of the ancients and all the the lore that they've left behind and all the conversations they have you'll, get a better sense of how they're slightly different than the templars.

I think i think, from a from a wide view. They're, pretty much. The same, but if you go deeper, they're, motivated slightly differently. Okay and um. After playing the demo um, i've, seen that, like berger, the the post king of mercia, he called the zealots upon river.

So is there a connection between the zealots and the order of the ancients and the zealots are actually, the zealots are actually on that that big uh order of engines target list? Okay, are they like the entire group or like part of the of the no? No? They're just part of the group.

Oh they're part of the group, so it's, a a chunk of it. Basically, it's, a chunk of it yeah, yeah, okay and depending on, depending on the choice you made uh at the very end of that arc, they will behave differently.

I don't know what you did with leofrith uh. I spared him and then uh yeah. I burned the parchment with right right name. So now those guys will leave you alone. Okay, they're still in the world and if you attack them, they'll.

Kick your ass yeah! I found one it was so tough. I died so many times. If you kill uh leofrith, he never tells you about those guys, obviously, and then they start hunting. You like the fallacies and origins yeah.

I actually, i actually felt a bit uh like they felt a bit more like the philippine origins than yeah yeah, the mercenaries in in odyssey, in that they are very unique and and not tied to your power level, necessarily at least what what i, what they saw And then, and what's pretty interesting? So if you you didn't kill him, he killed you yeah many times, yeah a lot.

Okay! If, if you had killed him, you would have gotten a kill room confession room! Oh no, too! Bad so um, i wanted also to throw a bit of a curb curveball uh towards you and and uh in this regard, still about the hidden ones.

Um bureau, like in uh in origins the first civilization content, was introduced in the main story, and then it was sort of like a side activity that the player could look for uh for him like him. He the player, could look for this content, but otherwise he he might not encounter it in the main story and stuff like that, i i was wondering if that's, the same for the assassins templar content in here, like is, is the assassini content Tied to the hidden one bureau, or is it or does it permeate the entire game? It's, it uh it's, actually both um.

You cannot build the assassin bureau and not get the uh um the order of ancients kill list, but you will still in the main. Well it's hard to talk about a main story in this game, but just playing through the other stories.

Let's, say like yeah: there's, the the the pacifying england story or the building up the settlement story. You will still run into order of ancients members and they will still cause trouble for you and they will and the the whole prophecy element will be um will lead you there, anyway, okay uh, with basim um kind of uh being a partner to all these things, And sigurd and and all being witness to a lot of uh uh interesting events.

Let's say so it's. Not it's not like i guess. Maybe if you're asking it's, not like um odyssey, where there's, three stories that go off in yeah, three different directions. Our stories are more like like this okay.

So so you can kind of finish one, but you have to then jump to the other ones to go a little bit further. If you know what i mean right so yeah, they're, all wrapped together, ultimately yeah, oh yeah, because, like another question i was uh going to ask.

You is like, if, if there is a chart for the order of the ancients, is there going to be a dedicated ending to that? But if that's like interconnected, you might know all the the all the endings, you would say, uh happen in a specific order.

All the conclusions to each storyline happen in a specific order that we've curated, so that it has the most emotional impact it's, not three different endings. Okay, i'm, choosing my words carefully, because i it's.

It's hard to talk about the structure without spoiling things. Yes, of course, but but i will say that it's, not it's, not three separate story lines with three separate endings: okay um. They all always build on every story builds on top of the previous one so that they all end in a very crafted handcrafted way.

Let's, say yeah, that's. I'm sure the fans will will love to hear that, to be honest, um i wanted to talk a bit uh about the mythology in the game as well uh for what you can mention. Obviously uh you you did mention uh.

There is no magic in assassin's; creed uh. It's, something that got the fans to discuss a lot uh and uh in in another. I mean it's like that uh. Is it the asimov quote? That says, any sufficiently advanced technology appears like magic.

You know oh yeah, so it's. True yeah yeah. It's hard to uh. I i will actually ask your question and then we'll, okay, um yeah um, an article by eurogamer, mentioned that there is a seer called vodka, like you mentioned earlier in the settlement, and she can create sort of like a concoction that allows you To travel to quote unquote another time, another plane and she also cryptically talks about allowing to relieve the life of odin.

Is there anything you can mention about this, how it works and what it might lead to ish. I'm, not a seer, so i don't know how it works. Yeah, like i said so that's. Why i brought up the prophecy in the beginning.

Abor is having very intense visions for a specific reason: okay um about uh, about uh, possibly about the future. You know like uh. Okay is this: is this my future and because uh avoir is somebody who believes deeply in norse mythology and these gods that they um? He or she will take these at face value right.

This is this is real. This is this is how the world works. Okay and so going to vodka. We'll, say like i, i've, seen these things and i explained them to you and she says. Let me let's. Talk about this lay on my couch and we & # 39.

Ll have a session and more visions come, and so there's, a series of uh it's almost like you have your private. It's like the sopranos. You keep going back to your psychologist multiple times from multiple kind of stages: okay of multiple visions; right, okay, each time trying to get deeper into what's, really gnawing at avor.

What's? What's? Okay? He's really getting at her um because of this prophecy and and because they believe in it so fervently these visions take on yeah like a vision like they take on the quality of being very real yeah um, but uh, but uh, all the So when we say there's, no magic in ac, what i'm saying is um.

There is obviously science fiction and there's. Lots of uh, interesting science fiction explanations for some of these things. But when i say there's, no magic. What i'm saying is in the in england itself.

Um we don't uh. We don't cross the streams right you're, not going to see uh mythological characters running around uh, ninth century england. Yeah! Absolutely! You know, you know what i mean yeah. So, like i, what i think i also said in a tweet, it's handled the same way.

Origins handles it. Yeah there's a moment where uh, vanilla, origins, um, where bike goes to see a shaman drinks. A potion. Okay has an insane vision of the afterlife okay, the duat and the weighing of the heart and the snake yeah, very, very similar to that okay, yeah yeah and with with more sort of story, uh importance and layers layered on to it.

We went a little deeper with this one, and will these visions affect aware, like in in the real world, quote unquote um or is it a player they'll change, her thinking, okay, uh and, and they they definitely are full of clues.

For you, the player, like you're gonna okay, like i said, like i tweeted at you, you're gonna be busy for a few years for sure there's, lots of symbolic layers on top of everything. Okay, um and even more than symbolism, uh, but definitely the experience of going through the full package of these uh um visions will change, or at least mentally, okay.

Okay, it's. Gon na be super interesting. To be honest, i can't, wait to try that. I think i think so um we also um oh before before this um. Are there other places that you can travel to through the settlement? Is there something that you can mention yeah, because it was mentioned that there are some other locations? And i was wondering if it was just like these uh mythological locations or if there's other so uh.

So it's fairly. Well known that the the vikings discovered america and uh in the uh in their conception, they called it vinland there's, actually two very short sagas called the finland sagas um. They happen in uh, 1000 a.

d, uh, leif, erikson and eric. Oh yes, erica and life erickson um. We we knew that we probably wouldn't, be making a viking game set a hundred years later uh. So we thought. Could we go to america for some reason, um just to give you that flavor of the fact that the vikings i don't say discovered america, because there was obviously people living there.

So they're. The first europeans to set foot in america let's, say okay uh, but we thought you know what the templars and the order of the ancients they're, always a little ahead of the curve in history, and they always hide the Real, they always hide the real stories.

So maybe they visited the america they. Maybe they visited finland before the historical record says it. So it is possible uh if you accomplish a certain series of uh of challenges, uh to get a uh a ticket to finland for a specific reason, um that's, good! That's.

All i'm gonna say well, i think i think we'll, be showing some images from it very shortly. Okay, so, but exclusive to you, because i've never talked about. Oh man. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this all right, uh a couple more questions.

Uh one is about the modern day uh. If you can discuss that, uh question is uh. You mentioned in a previous interview that valhalla would serve as a culmination of the stories that have come before. Potentially, this could be our last time with leila.

If we're, not mistaken uh, do you feel that leila's path? This time might redeem her somewhat after her dark turn at the end of odyssey and its dlc yeah. Well, um. Definitely uh. This is when we took this some things that happened in origins um, especially the uh, the messages in all the tombs.

Yes, uh and uh, some of the basic sort of um places that the story went in uh odyssey and the dlcs uh. We took those we didn't want to pile on too much, because you know this might be some people's. First game uh in a long time, of course, but we just basically set up a a a problem.

Um that has been hinted at in the origins stuff, with all the character, development that happened in um, odyssey and all the actual plot development that happened at odyssey. We start from there and we try to solve a problem um.

Definitely some of the heinous things that layla did are hanging over people, okay and her, especially okay, um, and when i say culmination, what i mean is not that it's. An ending of you know: people turn it into like.

Oh, it's. The last assassin's; creed. Ever it's, not that at all. What it is is that we decided that we were in a really good place, because we were almost back to where ac one started right. So, okay, we thought what, if we could we take a lot of the running story lines? Not all of them, certainly because there's a lot.

Could we take a lot of the storylines that have been going and could we kind of put them together in a in a way that's? That answered a lot of questions for people or filled in gaps in people's, knowledge in a way that felt really satisfying and so that, by the time you end this game.

You feel, like you feel, like uh. If you're, the one that, if you're one of the ones that has played all the assassins - creed, main titles - okay, you're gonna you're gonna play this and say like wow.

This really had a feeling of taking a lot of pieces and and helping make the house more solid. Okay, i found it more solid. You know what i mean: yeah true uh yeah, so that's. Why i mean a culmination i don't mean it's, the end of okay, okay, something um, okay, uh, but, but also, i am treating this like at least a third act in a three-act story.

If we could call this, let's, say the mythology trilogy right: okay, egyptian greco, roman or greece, greek gods; okay, horse mythology, uh it's; fun to treat it as like. Maybe a third act: okay, okay, that's; pretty interesting to me all over uh and and lastly uh.

This is a lighter question like what what is your favorite new addition to the game? What is the element of the game that you feel more tied to um? I don't know i i actually i mean i should say something from a narrative perspective, but i actually really uh.

I actually really like the way we um got closer to a perfect uh exploration loop. I know that um, you know when when we make these games um, maybe you know especially me, because i'm, seen as the story guy right for this game or the right but games are games, are so much more than a story right and You know this, you, you love these games and yeah.

They're, actually really beautiful places places to be places to spend time, and because of that, as a storyteller in games it's. Not i don't just say like sit around thinking like how can i write the coolest dialogue and have the coolest characters? I'm, also trying to work with the team, and all of us are working together to try to figure out how to make the most interesting place to to inhabit yeah, and that means for me so that getting getting the world events in this Game getting the exploration loop right, getting that we've, even put in so much effort and time into when you explore, and you find it like an empty house more often than not.

That empty house is going to have like a little puzzle for how you can get inside to steal its treasure. Yeah yeah, it's, not just sitting there and you grab it right. You hopefully most of the places you you work and you you make interesting decisions and you can find rewards in them as well like or objects.

Exactly there's narrative and there is gameplay. So i think i'm. The most proud of how we iterated and evolved the exploration loop and to make it really satisfying all the time yeah i i did feel this, especially in the in the last demo that we tried um that everywhere you are there's, still something Close to your close to you that might get peak your interest or like when you go to specific locations there's, always uh a a tax reward, a narrative reward or a gameplay reward, or whatever, like it,'s.

It's, really interesting to to just go around and uh and just get lost in the world to be honest, cool and then i i guess, from a storytelling perspective, i'm, really interested and proud of the uh. The episodic story structure that we have there's, definitely an emotional through line which i sort of teased at the beginning of the interview um.

But this pro. This idea of this prophecy hangs over a bunch, more uh secondary stories, which are these territory arcs, so you just played through one full one. It was yeah. I think it takes about two and a half hours.

If you just go straight for the story, it takes about two and a half hours to get through the uh. What we call the king makers saga, yeah. All of them have their own sort of title right: yeah um, the uh.

I think the the the one from the previous demos, the tale of thane oswald - that's. Yes, exactly yeah yeah, so so uh, all of them have a title and they're, all more self-contained um and they're. Chunked, together, like a north saga or like an icelandic saga, where it's, there's, not a there's, not a hard driving plot line going through it.

It's. More of a series of episodes like a don quixote or or a adventures of huckleberry finn, but there is an emotional through line. It's, just uh done in a different way and it's more about character, development and less about plot.

You know a hard driving plot, so you're going to have. I think the way this story unfolds. Is it's, actually kind of perfectly suited for like an afternoon of gameplay, where you sit down play for a few hours, get through one story? Do some exploring go back to your settlement? You know uh cash in your chips and whatever, whatever medallions you've found and you'll feel like i just did a five-hour session.

It was cool. I got through one whole story and it feels really satisfying that way and you're like i can't wait till tomorrow's episode. You know yeah right and that's. The way i'm proud of that, because um as people play it, they seem to really enjoy it and it it.

It feels different. Without being we didn't have to innovate, any crazy tech to do this. We just had to organize the story in a different way and that's, always really fun. When you find interesting ways to do things, that don't require like two years of new technology yeah, absolutely we just decided to organize it differently and it worked out really well.

Well, i'll. Let you judge that, actually, we'll, see we'll, see uh. It's, really interesting for what we what we have seen like it really pays off uh for what i i did, try the the entire arc, and it was pretty interesting uh throughout the entire story and the various acts of the story uh up Until the end so fingers crossed yeah, did you find anything interesting when you explored uh? Yes, i i would say the world events.

Uh picked my interest, the one that uh stayed in my mind was um there's. This viking, that is uh, was pushed uh far from uh repton and from the the clan uh of the ragnarok yeah, ragnar sons and uh. It was interesting because, like you find this this this viking and uh, he is like a poet and a singer and a skald and uh.

You talk a bit with him and uh. He he sees himself in in you in evil and he wants to give uh over his stuff. But what hit me was that when ever goes to his house, he found this uh box of his songs and he's in uh.

She, in my case it was like familiar where she says i cannot take it with with me. I have to bring it back to him, because this is like part of him and it's, something that he might want to work on again.

So it was nice that, like that box was there and you could just avoid it and just take your stuff from from the house and go on your path. But if you pick it up, it says: okay! No! I have to. I owe this to this guy.

So i have to bring it back and it was very interesting yeah, so that's. Actually that's, one of my favorite world events, because it it proved out a design idea that we had, which is let's. Try to not tell the player what to do through objectives right.

You could see a worse version of that um uh world event. Being you talk to the guy and he immediately tells you i left some of my poems and you're like and it says, go, get his poems yeah and then you do it and you come back and you feel like.

Oh, what whatever that was a fetch quest question this wasn't, a fetch quest, but just by the simple fact that you didn't reveal that information it becomes. Oh, he's, just giving me a gift, and then, when you get there, you're motivating the player to just oh, i feel like.

I should give this back yeah it's. True, and it's. It's, just a and it's like i just said it's, just a matter of tweaking the way you give information and suddenly it becomes a totally different feeling yeah it was.

It was very interesting like it was uh. It really hit me too. Behind we've, just spoiled it for all the people that watched it yes well might be in some of our videos anyway. So there's. There's, a lot of world events yeah well darby.

Thank you so much for for joining us in this. In this interview it was super interesting uh. Thank you for all your all your hard work. Thank you. So much yeah yeah can i i want to ask you a question.

Actually: where do you do you? Where do you live in italy? Uh? It's in the northern part of italy. It's, a in a town between milan and turin, okay, okay. I'm trying to remember this. Maybe somebody who's watching this video will remember.

When i was in genoa for a black flag. We were doing a european event. There was somebody who also had an assassin's, creed channel, an italian fan, okay or maybe a small channel, or something like that, and they wrote to me and said hi and i said: hey.

I'm actually in genoa right now and i have a bunch of black flag swag. I'll, leave it at the desk, for you just come and get it and say your name, and so they came and got it, and i always thought it was you for some reason.

No, he wasn't, so i have no idea who it is but uh, maybe that person will say like hey. That was me yeah. Maybe you see in this video they will. They will mention that yeah yeah we'll, see that was a long time ago, seven years ago, yeah well.

Thank you so much darby. Thank you so much. Thank you. Take care guys!