Assassin's Creed Valhalla - First Confession Killroom, Codex about Amunet, Roman Hidden Ones Bureau

Loading [ Music ] welcome to access the animus, [ Music, ], hello, everyone and welcome to a new video here on access. The animus. Today we're, going to analyze some very interesting bits of information connected to the hidden ones in the order of the ancients in assassin's, creed valhalla.

As a matter of fact, in the last few days, a lot of new footage has emerged from different creators and other sources showcasing a hidden ones. Bureau in leather chester, the mention of a master assassin for the 5th century, and especially the first look at the confessional, kill room in the game for which we can & # 39.

T thank our fans enough for reaching out about them. With this video, we're, going to try and analyze all the narrative tidbits that we were able to find in order to know more about the hidden ones in the order of the ancients in preparation for the release of the game.

Thus, without further ado, let's, dive into our analysis. As you might know, by now, the game will not just deal, among other things, with the story of the hidden ones and the order of the ancients in the 9th century a.

d. As a matter of fact, as mentioned in a recent interview by jv with narrative director darby mcdevitt, whose link you can find in the description, the game will have several abandoned, ancient roman, hidden ones, bureau scattered across the map.

They will tell the story of the hidden ones in england over the span of centuries, more specifically using magdevid's words. These bureaus will tell the story of the hidden ones under the roman empire in england how the spread and operated at the time.

The failures they had and how eventually they had to leave the island, which is also why all the bureaus that you will find will be presumably abandoned and in ruins. Also. It appears that the viewers will have bits of stories that happen not only at the time as in the roman era, but also in the specific location where the bureau is located.

For example, in the interview with jv mcdevitt mentioned that constantine, the great was actually proclaimed. Emperor in york in 306, a.d and that might be mentioned or reflected in general, in a local hidden one bureau.

Finding all the bureaus will allow fans to know why the hidden ones left england, but also will introduce ava and the players to a new codex dating. Presumably, once again to the roman times that is made up of pages that are scattered across the world in a direct reference to altair's, codex from assassin's, creed 2.

. Before we move on to the actual bureau itself, we need to have a brief look at the tidbit of information shared by ign in their unleasher inner viking videos. As a matter of fact, for a brief moment, one of these videos showcased a piece of equipment that can be found in the world called magister's, trousers that belong to an outfit worn by magister, vitus magister, meaning mastering leighton, who was a hidden One from the 5th century a.

d who oversaw the evacuation of the brotherhood from england and whose fate is currently unknown, keep him in mind as he'll, be important for one of the documents that we're going to read later so, While we didn & # 39, t get the chance to access the hidden ones, bureau that was available in the leather chester share region of the game.

Our friend and mentor tarou actually did and shared all of it in a video which you can find in the description and that we're, going to use as a support for our analysis. First of all, the bureau is called rate bureau, as rate was the original name of le dechester, the town where the bureau could be found.

So we can expect other bureaus to bear the name of the original roman settlement they were based in in order to provide more immersion for the player in the building. Players can find the classic and standard assassin insignia, meaning that the roman hidden ones at the time were already using it, and they can also find a lot of maps and parchment holders, keeping a sort of a visual consistency with the roman hidden ones bureau.

That was shown in the ending of assassin's, creed origins, moving on the rules, video showcased, the first of the three documents that could be found in the bureau. It was a contract showcasing that the brotherhood already had contracts at the time and with the title too, in this case, geno's.

Practice could mean a lot of things. By considering the content of the document, we can go with people's agreement. The contract mentions that the hidden ones have somewhat talked to emperor aurelius.

That would be marcos aurelius, who reigned as emperor from 161 to 180 ad. So this document takes place in that time window. Apparently, there have been hostilities between the hidden ones or the parties they supported, and the romans and the discussion with the emperor made it so that the romans withdrew from the anthony wall, a fortification built by the romans across what is now known as the central belt Of scotland, in this contract that is quote unquote, filed under the espionage category, the hidden ones required a member that had the magister rank, which translates to master rank, as we saw earlier to oversee the movement of the roman troops and to make sure the marcus aurelius Hadn't tricked them.

It's, interesting to note this doubt by the hindu ones, because marcus aurelius is no random historical character for the assassin's; creed universe. As a matter of fact, in the cult ending of assassin's, creed odyssey, the former leader of the cult of cosmos, aspasia after deceiving cassandra into destroying the cult for her mentioned that she had experienced a calculation.

That is a vision of a potential future stating a sentence that most fans tried to interpret as it could foreshadow some new contour for the assassin's, creed franchise. We will be replaced by a new kind of order, control under the reign of a philosopher king.

There would be a movement away from the old gods toward rational society, built in a kingdom by the people for the people, and i must find someone to lead them. As we mentioned in one of our articles at the time which we'll link in the description, the epithet philosopher king, is a reference to plato who, according to wikipedia, defines it as a ruler who possesses both a love of knowledge as well as Intelligence, reliability and a willingness to live a simple life and, curiously enough, one of the potential historical characters that aspasia's, vision might refer to could actually be marcus aurelius.

As a matter of fact, he was called the philosopher and actually acquired the reputation of a philosopher king within his lifetime because of his personal philosophical writings and kept the title until his death.

Considering that aspasia was very much oriented toward templar-like ideas and how the vision was about control under the reign of a philosopher king, that might lead to consider markers or religious as oriented towards the temples or shall we say order of the ancients of his time.

So it does make sense that the hidden ones had some worries about not being tricked by him and his rulings going back to the hidden ones. Contract shown in true's, video. It was undertaken from the latent contract, which means he picks it up by a hidden one called egan who indeed possessed the rank of magister, slash master and the status of the contract was that of a success.

As aurelius's, troops did withdraw from the antonine wall, but was it really a success, though, before moving on to the next document? Turol also found a piece of equipment, the hidden ones gloves which seem to be part of the so-called hidden ones set, which is obviously based around assassination damage and headshot damage.

Next, the bureau held another document held by a dagger over a map called evacuation order which started with cavete, which means attention in layton and was written by magister vitus. The same vetoes that we now know over the evacuation of the hidden ones from the british isle.

In the 5th century, aed - and this document is exactly about that - vitus writes to his fellow members of the hidden ones stating that, after the death of emperor honorius, all their hope of stability in britain is lost.

And, interestingly enough, this event contextualizes the date of the document itself. In fact, that's, a reference to flavius honorius, an emperor that reigned from 384 to 423 a.d. So this document probably dates either on 423 or 424 a.

d. That is three centuries. After the hidden ones contract that we read earlier, this document has such a different tone from the other one that we read about. Marcos aurelius, as here victor says, that the hidden ones were able to work in these lands.

As far as the imperial legions were still there and after those were removed, the other native tribes and clans did not show to appreciate the work of the brotherhood, possibly because their message had been misunderstood, thus not having any kind of support anymore.

Vitas ordered to vacate all the bureaus and to leave britain allowing the hidden ones living in them to freely decide to either walk away or to continue working for the brotherhood, but through another one of their bureaus located in cologne.

In today's, germany, while the latin at the end of the document, doesn't, seem to be properly correct on our side. Vitus signs off the document. By writing. We work in the dark to serve the light. A maximum of the creed that apparently was already used by the brotherhood in the 5th century.

A.D then again, bayek of siwa had already been inspired by this sentence at this time, as mentioned to us by friend and mentor master simayi. The third and possibly most important document in the bureau was a page of the so-called magaz codex which, by the way, may indeed be the codex that was shown in the gameplay trailer for the game in july and that we erroneously believed to be the game's database, in fact, reading the page that was found in the roman bureau, it does feel more like a format similar to altair's codex from assassin's; creed 2, where you have to find pages of a document written Centuries ago, all around the game world, in this case the codex, seems to be the journal of a member of the hidden ones, called magaz that a list at its fourth page details.

The discussions that took place in the final synod of the hidden ones, between a woman that seems to be in charge and is announcing to the other hidden ones, the three tenets that, along with the creed, will define the path of the brotherhood and the other members Of the group like magas, who question her about topics like the ironies that come with the three tenets, more specifically in the page, the woman is announcing.

The third tenet stay, your blade from the flesh of an innocent and magus highlights how there is some irony and contradiction in saying that nothing is true, but imposing the tenets even asking if the hidden ones should be free to pursue their goal in any way.

They'd, like and interestingly enough, as mentioned by the assassin's. Creed wiki that's; an objection that's very similar to that of edward kenway in assassin's; creed 4; black flag. It's hard to say, or if nothing is true, then why believe anything, and if everything is permitted, why not chase every desire? Why, indeed, thus magus asks from which authority the three tenets are deriving and the woman responds that hidden ones is a title.

They gave themselves their objective to reach. The physical and spiritual liberation of men is a goal they gave themselves, and so are the tenants too. Some laws needed to guide the brotherhood to achieve the goals that the brotherhood has set for itself.

The leader, lady then looks at another hidden, one called master hacker and subsequently decides that that was the final synod of the hidden ones and from that moment, on there, wouldn't, be any more allowing the hidden ones to continue their work.

Only in the dark, this is interesting, as all of this once again took place during the roman times and more specifically tells a story that goes to the heart and roots of the creed, its tenets and the origins of the brotherhood.

Considering that the tennis and the creed weren't fully formed at the end of assassin's, creed origins with some early seeds being mentioned here and there in the game. There's, a chance that the events of this synod happen not that much after the events of origins and the word synod itself is quite interesting as well as a matter of fact.

It defines a council, an assembly or meeting that judging by the documents seem to have some traits of publicity rather than being secluded from prying eyes, especially considering that the leader, lady, decides that, from that day on, the hidden ones will always work in the dark.

And one last thing: a big thing actually at the end of the hidden ones, dlc is slash. Ammunet mentions that the hidden ones tennis needed to be passed on to the members of the organization, mentioning that she would soon return to rome right before being defined.

As a mentor by bayek, so that may or may not be relevant. But if you couple that with the leader lady, making decisions about the tenets, the creed and the direction of the hidden ones, during the ancient roman times, then there's.

A good chance that the lady from the fire in valhalla is amunet, and so that the codex that we're going to collect in the game might be, at least in part, dedicated to what ammunite and the hidden ones did.

After the events shown in origins - and if that is the case, then valhalla just got even more interesting than it was before on to the brotherhood in the 9th century 80. As we now know, they will build a bureau in ravens, thorpe, ava and siegert's settlement in england, which will be managed by a hidden one called haitham.

During our hands-on test. We did find a letter inside of it written by his mentor rahan, which mentioned that haitham had actually been invited by bassim to join him in his trip to northern europe. To purge it from the order of the ancients, this seems sort of a comeback by the hidden ones, both in northern europe, but especially in england, as they themselves have been purged off of the island, possibly by the order of the ancients four centuries.

Prior to that, more specifically, as we discussed with darby mcdevitt in our own interview, building the hidden ones. Bureau in ravensthorpe will open up two things: a path to the first of the main cities and especially a chart dedicated to the order of the ancient targets that avar will have to take down in the game as a way to, among other reasons, clear.

The path in order to forge the alliances that they want or need, as we have mentioned multiple times already, killing the members of the order, will not only allow ava to obtain their medallion so that they can bring them back to hightem.

In order to obtain more information about the order itself and the hidden ones, but also will ground the players with a confession: kill room or a memory corridor confession. If you will, a group that will be part of the order of the ancients and of the kill list that avar will obtain will be the zealots we have already mentioned that they are powerful warriors similar to the phlacky type from assassin's.

Creed origins - and there was one particular bit from our interview with darby - that surprised a bit both us and the fans. So if you you didn't kill him, he killed you yeah many times, yeah a lot. Okay yeah! If, if you had killed him, you would have gotten a kill room confession.

After hearing this, we're, so happy to say that our fans got online to see if anyone had actually killed the zelda that was available in the demo and lo and behold, our fans, fravio and sandy. The hippie did actually find them in the footage by mk ice and fire and zener aesthetics, which we'll link in the description.

Thus, thanks to all the parties involved, we can show you the clip too here it is. I once served and prayed on the sin: chatter tamworth - i was a monk i should have stayed there. Did saint chad die with his axe in his hand, saint charge will be revered for avoiding the axe.

I wish i had done so myself had not taken a path full of violent honor. The old gods will fade from our sight in time. God forgive me, for i have sinned pile the soldiers here. Let these people bear witness to the carnage that awaits their kingdom, and that was it for today's, video.

What do you think of all the information we provided you with? Would you actively look for the roman, hidden ones bureaus and for the order of the ancient targets, or is this something that you're? Not that interested in, as always do let us know in the comments below if you liked the video please consider subscribing to our channel and turning the notifications on.

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