Assassin's Creed Valhalla - A Tour of the Settlement (Buildings, Interactions, Customization)

Loading [ Music ] welcome to access the animus, [ Music, ], hello, everyone and welcome to a new video here on access the animus in the recent hands-on demo that we tested, we had the chance to deeply explore ravens thorpe the settlement in assassin'S, creed valhalla and today we're, going to take you on an extensive tour of it.

We will introduce you to the characters and buildings that you will be able to find there and we will show you the available activities, the decoration elements and the customization for aver, the raven sunin and their horse.

We will also have a look at some new collectibles that you have to bring back to the settlement from around the world and some other little details that you can enjoy, while exploring a war's home base.

So without further ado, as we usually say, sit back relax and enjoy your virtual tool in the settlement of assassin's, creed, valhalla, [, Music, ], the hands-on demo started on the settlements, docks and as a first activity.

We did what you usually do when you get back home after a long working day, so we hacked the dog and packed the cat. We were then ready to start exploring the place, as you can see from the map of ravensthorpe that we tried to recreate.

There is quite a number of buildings to visit. Some of them are already there, while some are just represented as small tents that wait for the players to be transformed in proper houses. The first building on the right next to the docks is the barracks and, as such, you can see your fellow vikings and clan members roaming around it in front of the entrance.

There is a woman called idis whose role is to keep your soldiers in shape and ready for when you decide to use them. After talking to her, you can create your own yum's, viking, lieutenant and, as you can see, you can choose the customization not only in clothing and gears, but also in gender and name to be more specific.

You can equip your yom's, viking, with any kind of gear you have found for avor, while exploring the world, while the physical traits for your lieutenants seem to be randomized, and the name that appears below them depends on such traits and cannot be Edited, however, at least for what concerned the demo, once we chose our lieutenant's, physical appearance, we could not change it anymore and we honestly hope that's, not the case in the final game.

After you confirm your yom's, viking, there will be a little cutscene featuring them walking out of the barracks if you want to upgrade or change their gear again, though, you can talk to idis and she will allow you to do that after customizing.

Your viking, you'll, be able to find them on your longship and even while going on a raid as your lieutenant will fight with the other members of your crew, but will be recognizable by the customization that you have chosen.

The next buildings we're, showing you are the bakery managed by tarben the bread master and the brewery managed by tecla. In our walkthrough. We decided to use the raw materials we gained in our raids to upgrade other buildings, but we can show you how the buildings look like, after unlocking them, thanks to the videos released by tantix and fizzy, whose links you can find in the description.

At the moment. We don't know if it will be possible to interact with tarban or tekla, as is the case in the other buildings in ravensthorpe, but it seems like unlocking. This kind of buildings will only help improving the settlement level and the so-called feast buff.

Considering the description for fizzy's, video as the settlement grows, so does its feast. As a matter of fact, in valhalla, you will be able to organize a feast in your settlement by interacting with the bell outside the house.

This will trigger a short cut scene, dedicated to set feasts featuring some of the settlers, including haitham, the hidden one that will raise the settlement's, moral and your raiders stats. There are three more tents in the hands-on demo that seem to have the same purpose of the bakery and the brewery, and they are the foul farm that deals with all the raven's.

Clan's, chicken, a family-owned cattle farm and a grain farm moving to the next tent, we met merton and his grandson arth running the fishing hut. When operating this building, you unlock the fishing line that will then appear in the two wheel.

You can then bring the fish you catch across england to earth in order to obtain runes as rewards runes can also be obtained in a similar way in the hunter's hut, where wallace the hunter buys the game you kill, while roaming the world.

In addition to that, walls will keep along with the discovered legendary animals and by selling their pets to him, players will receive rewards and a hunting trophy in the long house which kind of settlement would it be without a merchant.

In this case, we have yangli and, as you can see in the video by orc corp, she will allow you to buy consumables gears, runes books and schemes for the cosmetic decoration of the settlement for avers tattoos and haircuts and for the long ship.

In addition to that, she will give aver a list of deliveries that the players can perform while traveling far from ravenstorp speaking of cosmetic decorations for the settlement. We'd, like to show you how they will work in the game or at least how they worked in the demo, spread around raven's thorpe, you will find various placeholders which will allow you to add a decorative element in that Position in the demo, we had a stonewell, hollowed, monoliths archery targets, a roman bath statue, a roman gladiator statue and a weapon rack.

These were just examples and, as we said, you will be able to buy more of them to create a unique settlement. A nice addition to the decorative elements is the possibility to customize the huge tree at the center of raven's thorpe.

That in a demo is set by default to be a sage tree, but you can change it as you can see with the hangman one moving to the left side of the settlement, we can find right in front of the docks gunnar the blacksmith that will help You enhance or adorn your weapons and armors.

In order to do so, you will need to bring him ingots, which are treasures that can be found all around the world. There's a way, though, to make it easier to find them, which is upgrading the cartographer tent run by olsen.

Olsen is an experienced traveler that sells you maps to pinpoint valuable objects or resources. More specifically, he will sell you. The books of knowledge map the gear map and the ingots one on the far left in front of the docks players will have the chance to change their long ship's, appearance in gudrun and her husband, goodman's.

Shipyard. If you provide them with the right cosmetic scheme, they will be able to unlock and apply new customizations through your ship's. Hull sails shields, figurehead and tail from the letters we find inside of the house, though it seems like husband and wife do not agree on how to build their ships.

Moving on, we found ourselves in front of the hidden ones bureau managed by haitum. We won't analyze, this topic in depth, because we already did it in our hands-on impression, video, but just to give a general idea about it.

It will serve as a headquarters for the hidden ones in the settlement going towards the upper part of the map. We visited svend and tovi's, tattoo shop, in which you can customize avers appearance for what concerns tattoos, of course, but also hairstyle and beard shape and color.

You can buy schemes to obtain new ones or find them as flying papers around the world and they will add a specific style to the list in the shop menu. For example, we find the flying paper in leather chester and once we got it back to svend, the scheme was already there waiting for us a little funny detail about svend and tove.

Is that if you walk around the shop, you can see a pig that we assume to be theirs because of the tattoos on its skin? What's left on the side of the map is three houses which belong to hamworld and swanboro kerry and meda.

We didn't, have access to maida and kerry's houses because we had not upgraded the settlement enough, but it seems that these buildings will contribute to the feast buff, as we saw for other ones like the bakery or the farms.

Han wall and swanboro's house, on the other hand, could be explored, and it seems that upgrading it in addition to the feast buff, will provide an upgrade for what concerns the assassination damage stat.

So we can presume that other houses will give this kind of benefits once unlocked too. Apart from the long house, we have four buildings left and the first one is somehow connected to the lore and the mythological aspect of the game.

It is the sears hut where the settlements seer vodka will guide, avert through vision that will allow the player to travel to another time, another plane and reach locations like asgard, as shown in the deep dive trailer for the game.

We're very curious to see how this will work and, according to gamespot, it seems that we might even be able to experience audience live. We're upgrading the hut in a demo, but no interactions with vodka were available, so we guess we have to wait and try it in the final version of the game.

We then met rowan the stable hand and game keeper. He will allow you to customize the appearance of your horse and your raven soon and in addition to that, he will work as a raiding trainer, giving you the chance to unlock new abilities for the horse and to improve your riding experience.

As you can see in the video in the demo, we could access swimming endurance and strength, training right next to the sables. You will see a little pond with a waterfall, and if you go with avar in the water, you will be able to interact with it and wash them while they wash their face or their hands, plus, as it is now common knowledge that there is always something Behind the waterfall, we found a hidden cave with some treasure and a dead body with a mysterious note on it.

Lastly, while leaving this part of the settlement, we found a spot where the hud suggested us to release fireflies, suggesting that maybe we'll, be able to catch and collect fireflies around the world that we can then bring back to raven'S thorpe in a settlement, we will also be able to experience some of the activities available in the game like, for example, flighting.

If you interact with alvis in albis and holger's house, you will face him in a fighting duel in a dialogue with him, you will learn that somehow alvis is averse, poetry, teacher, revealing a different side of aver's character very Far from the savage viking warrior, we're used to see just as a reminder.

Winning a flighting battle will grant you an increase in your charisma level that will unlock special dialogue options in certain situations. Another activity you can try in the settlement is the dice game called orlog by facing your opponent mundi.

Who is waiting for you next to the barracks at the beginning, the dice game gives you a lot of information, maybe even too much to process all at once, but as you go through the match, it becomes easier and also kind of fun.

The last settler we met is octavian, claudius, britannicus, a very peculiar character and avid collector of roman relics. His house in the settlement is quite outstanding: full of roman statues and columns.

It's very hard, not to notice it while roaming, the world. You will find roman artifacts and when you collect five of them you can bring them back to him. We don't know what kind of rewards you're going to receive from him, because in the demo we couldn & # 39.

T manage to retrieve more than two roman artifacts a curious detail about. Him, though, is that in his house we could find a letter written by a girl surprised that no one in the settlement believes she existed, and the letter seems to have octavian's.

Handwriting, the finally and probably most important building in the settlement is the longhouse. As you can see, there is a very big room with a lot of tables for all the settlers and it is the room that the feasts take place in while walking through it.

We notice that ava can interact with more than one object like, for example, a mug, the cauldron and the throne. Next, to this big dining room, ava can access their private room where the player can sleep, read the raven store status from ranvi, the settlement 4 chief and open letters addressed to them like, for example, the one from sigurd in the demo.

Lastly, the main room in this building is where ranvi is waiting for ava in front of the alliance map. The players will use to decide which regions of england they want to pledge alliance with starting their dedicated story arcs, and that was it for today's, video.

What is your favorite feature of the settlement? What is the building and character? You expect to interact the most with once the game finally releases. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed our video don't forget to subscribe to our channel and turn the notifications on.

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