Assassin's Creed Valhalla - A Theory That Could Explain It All (Canon Characters, Let Animus Choose)

Loading [, Music ] welcome to access the animus, hello, everyone and welcome to a new video here on access the animals. Today, we're going to share with you a theory. We have prepared that, in our opinion, might explain and clarify many of the doubts and questions by the fans about assassin's: creed valhalla.

In fact, with this video, we're, going to try and see how and why the let the animals choose feature can work. We're, going to try and explain how both male and female avar can actually be canon. At the same time, and we're going to see how all of that might be connected to the mythological sequences of the game, the video will touch upon several other important elements like odin, the old father of the norse mythology, two seers that interact With ava in the game and in the comics dna strands and memory streams and even audience site, thus buckle up and follow us.

As we take you through our theory, we have a lot to cover [, Music ]. Let's start with the basics, as we have already mentioned in our second impressions video. The recent ledester shard demo introduced a new option along with choosing male or female aver.

That is the so called let the animals decide or let the animals choose option more specifically, this is a feature that, according to the game, allows the animals to represent the stronger memory stream, depending on the memory.

Strength keep in mind these exact words, as they will be very important later in the video. We have already mentioned that this specific feature fell to us like a canon mode in disguise, and this was sort of supported by a few tweets by narrative director darby mcdevitt, who stated that this is a function that is canon and gets the player closer to understanding.

The mystery behind avar, you will switch from male to female and vice versa, not randomly, but at various points only when the story requires it enhancing the story and especially always making sense when the switch occurs.

So, looking at all these comments and following the idea that there are quote unquote canon situations where it's more appropriate to have female avor or more specifically, where her memory stream is stronger.

Another situation where male ever's. Memory stream is appropriate, we kind of wondered how could that happen? Yes, there have been multiple theories about that: what with loki, ava being a shape, shifter time, travel and alternate realities of what not some of our own either, but this specific theory is not about that.

Stick around as we laid the ground for more elements before building our idea in the recent days and weeks. We have also come to know that the game will feature a seer called vodka that will have a dedicated building in the settlement and will be sort of a gateway towards the mythological sequences of the game.

As a matter of fact, eurogamer mentioned that the mythological scenes are activated as the seer allows, aver to drink a mixture that allows her to access another time, another plane and, more specifically, as per game spot.

This mechanic will allow ava to relieve the life of odin. This is no small feat, as this basically says that through the seer, the player might be actually able to see odin's, memories from the isu first civilization era, although, as mentioned by our friend to rule, they might be flavored by how aver thinks These mythological areas exist based on her beliefs and also on what surrounds her like the roman statues that can be found both in england and in asgard.

Keeping to the topic of mythology. Darby also mentioned in his interview with us that, in the game, ava has, for a very specific reason, some intense visions that are possibly in her mind, which very much believes in the norse mythology about the future.

According to darby's words because of these visions, she goes to vodka telling her what she saw, meaning that she might have experienced some visions on her own without having them triggered by the sears concoction and having such visions of the past may really Be caused by a form of bleeding effect, as we'll, see later.

Darby then mentioned that after aver tells valka what she saw. They discuss it and then, after that, through their quote-unquote collaboration, more visions will come actually leading to multiple stages of multiple visions.

Each time in the narrative director's, words trying to get deeper into what's really knowing at avar. Thus, because of the prophecy that eva receives early in the game, and for more on that, we suggest you to check our interview with darby and because ava really believes that all those visions are real.

They will also feel real, which is probably why players get to play them going back to odin. We have already seen him in action twice during the marketing campaign, while one of them was doing a promotional video by ign, where he was shown in asgard.

The other one was in the cinematic trailer for the game and his presence. There is now more poignant than ever. In fact, in the trailer it feels like odin is following, or at least looking at avor and in turn, aver sees him while, and this again is very important.

Everyone else, doesn't. So, like many other fans, we thought about how that could work if it could be some sort of hologram, maybe a piece of it and showing him to avor as it happened to ezio, seeing altair in revelations.

But we also realized that there's. Another way in which characters can see visions of other characters predating them and that's being their descendant with the bleeding effect, allowing them to see a sort of phantom of their ancestors.

With the biggest example of that being desmond, seeing ezio auditorium throughout a few sequences in assassin's, creed brotherhood, so, based on that, we thought what if aver was a descendant of odin or at least had his blood in her veins.

After all, there is no seer around ava in the battle. Avar sees him on her own and without drinking any concoction. So there is a chance that avor might see him because it's in her blood. Another element at the base of our theory comes from issue 1 of the assassin's.

Creed valhalla song of glory comic that we have also recently reviewed. So we suggest you to check that out too in the comic which takes place before the events of the game. A young aver in her female version meets another seer called gal that sees the duality of male and female in aver and seeing that in the comic there's no modern day or animus involved, it does seem that these are the actual historical events Making it so that god herself is somehow seeing such duality in avar.

Thus, all in all, we have one seer girl that looking at avar sees a male version of her or more specifically, that she might hide another soul and another one valka who in the game, leads to relieve odin's life.

So we asked ourselves what, if odin and male avar were one and the same. Let's. Try and explain this a bit better in our idea and, as we saw earlier, we believe that female avor would be a descendant of odin, or at least will have his dna or blood flowing in her veins.

That would justify why she is able to see odin, while others don't through the bleeding effect, but that would just be the tip of the iceberg if the other seer gull was able to see the traits of male ever in her.

What if she actually saw odin's traits, and not those of male avoir? In other words, what if the physical traits of odin were those that led to the existence of male averse avatar in the animus? In other other words, what we're saying here is that we believe that aver is a descendant of odin and because of the description of the let the animals choose function, the animals will represent the stronger memory stream, depending on the strength of the Memories on a case by case situation, thus, if male aver is just an avatar or female aver with the physical traits of odin, where would it be appropriate to have an animus shohem instead of female avor? If our hypothesis are correct, the animals will showcase male evar during the mythological sequences, as those are meant to follow.

Odin's life, so it would make sense that his memory stream would be stronger in them while will play as female avor during the historical sequences. After all, the description of the let the animus choose function mentioned the stronger female or male memory stream, but never mentions that the animus chooses between male or female aevor.

If this theory was to be correct, it would encompass and give a proper answer to most of the doubts that fans have had since the announcement of the game. For example, both female and male aver would be canon both within the let the animus choose option and also outside of it within such option.

They would be canon because ava in the female version would be the actual viking that lived in the 9th century a.d, while male aver would be quote unquote, canon as he would be sort of like odin's avatar in our simulation of the mythological Scenes instead outside of the let the animus choose option, it would still make sense to let layla or the player choose the gender of avars avatar, because the animals would be able to find odin's traits in avars blood, so it could easily layer Them on top of female awares once in england, or vice versa, could layer female evers traits over male avers, slash audience once in the mythological scenes.

Also, with this game, we wouldn't have all the narrative issues that came with the idea of two different deteriorated dna strands that the animals could not recognize that laid at the core of assassin's; creed odyssey.

In fact, it's, important to notice how they let the animals choose. Description mentions that the animals will represent to different memory streams, not to different dna strands. This supports the idea that the memory streams are part of a single dna sample which will be used in the modern day to create the simulation.

Thus, the single dna sample again in our hypothesis would contain averse memories, odin's, memories and the memories of countless other ancestors and descendants to ever, which again does make sense within the assassin's.

Creed universe, why the animus decides to use audience traits and not those of any other ancestor to ever remains to be seen, but for now what we know is enough to understand that there might be a more important and direct connection between odin and avor than just A mythology based one - this would also mean that there may not be any need to have extrapolated memories based on external historical sources like the book of herodotus, as it happened in assassin's.

Creed odyssey in this case, if our theory was correct, it would all be a direct feed with the animus always reading the actual genetic memory, with potentially some uncertainty in the mythological worlds caused by averse beliefs and the concoction that she has to drink.

In order to reach them, along with that, hardcore fans would also have their own quote: unquote: cannon mode, making female aver or just aver the historical character that lived the events shown in the game, while also getting to know more about odin and his life during the Isu era, it would be ingenious, it would work and it would make perfect sense.

We just need this to happen and we already have some semblance of proof for this already. In fact, we did use the let the animals choose function during our demo and we had female aver throughout its entirety, with the game never shifting to male ever on its own.

Now we're, not sure if the feature was already functioning in the demo, but it's still somewhat overproof to support our ideas. In addition, another interesting trivia in here would be odin's sight. If our theory was to be true, no better name would be found for eagle vision in this game.

As considering how aver would be a descendant of odin, she would literally have odin's side, so there you have it. This is the theory that could explain it all. It would be solid, it would be rooted in the limitations imposed by the assassin's, creed universe, and it would allow choosing both genders without breaking the lore and effectively making both of them canon.

What do you guys think of it? Do you agree or disagree with our speculations? What are your own theories about this topic as usual? Let us know in the comments below, if you liked our video, please consider subscribing to our channel and turning the notifications on.

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