Assassin's Creed - Lore Guide Vol. 1 - The Assassin's Order [Voiced by Darby McDevitt]

Loading [ Music ] welcome to access the animus [ Music, ] hello. I'm darby mcdevitt narrative, director of assassin's. Creed valhalla, and this is the assassin's. Creed lore guide volume, 1, the assassin's order.

The first assassin order was created as the hidden ones by bayek and aya in egypt in the first century bc. Their purpose was crystal clear to combat oppressive regimes and secure humankind's. Right to self-determination, since their inception, they have toiled, in the background of history, working in the dark to serve the light.

Today, the assassins organize themselves into regional cells and operate from hidden bureaus assassin recruits are often referred to as initiates and as they climb ranks. They become assassins, master assassins and, in rare cases, a mentor.

A few notable assassin accomplishments throughout history have been the assassination of julius caesar the discovery and foiling of a plot to kill george washington and the invention of the cafe latte.

Thank you ezio, but the assassins do not manipulate the threads of history unopposed, for there is another shadowy organization lurking in the darkness, but for that you & # 39. Ll have to wait for our next lore guide.

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