Agents of Mayhem (PS4, Xbox One, PC) announced: all the info & reaction

Hey guys, your Raptor here it's pretty three weeks, so that means a ton of announcements. This time we got the new game from foliation. You notice guys, of course, from the saints row, and now they have a new IP agents of mayhem, and I already did a video about this without knowing that it was going to be a new IP.

I fought Saint row. Five ages of mayhem make sense, but no, this game is set in the Saints Row universe, but it's totally different, more colorful. You would say it's about three agents that you can switch to it's like heroes, um.

They got a ton of them, as you can see here, so they will reveal them later. But in the end there are 12 characters that you can switch from at any time. You have a group of three agents and at any time you can switch between those three, but I think that you can say: okay, you can come in my group and then switch that way.

So the game is supposed to launch in 2017 and we'll launch for ps4 xbox, one and also bc. So what do we know here? It's, the IGM first. So that means that I GN will, throughout the mont co exclusive gameplay, let's, see what what they will show they got in the boot trailer.

You already saw the footage. I put it over this video over more insight into what you've, just seen so yeah. We see like the bad guy, the Legion, that's like the bad company that you're, going to fight and your agents, but you're, not really heroes.

You're, like yeah agents. They joke a little bit. One is a reality star, so we has a phone all the time and I am trying to get some movies running up as well, while killing the bad guys it's totally over the top.

What you come to expect from the saint's row like game, so we will also see the first-ever gameplay footage. Written and video previews base our hands on time. So probably they will like go between around a tree.

Obviously, this game will be at e3, 2060, hopefully playable. Well, they set hands on time. So I think the game will be playable, so expect a ton of gameplay footage in the coming weeks, a look inside foliation and the making of agents of mayhem, awesome and other stuff.

I'm there now on their deep silver, so they bought them from THQ the publisher that went bankrupt, of course. So let's. Look at some of the key marks of this game so take your team of three agents into the field swap between them on the fly so yeah, like I said you have a team of three heroes.

Agents have to say I like this chick with our drone. It's, cool guy, now, with a shotgun probably or what does he have? I don't, know and and also an assault rifle guy upgrade the arc. The mayhem HQ to unlock even more mayhem, making means to probably new weapons.

New crazy [, __ ] it's, the news game from volition. We know that I'm, upgrade and customize your agents to create your personal dream team of gadgets wielding aunty heroes. Like I said they're, not really heroes.

They don't. Take this very seriously, but still yeah. It's fun to play with them, so you can also upgrade them and customize them, and that's. Pretty interesting, so we take a look at all the agents we have right now we have fortune here and she's like this.

At the baddest girl taking care of business. She comes from Brazil. She's, a sky pirate, her signature weapon is the dual energy pistols and we see that, of course, in the trailer as well, and she's specialty in short range tech expert.

Of course, she also has like that drone, and so here we see her, let's, look at hollyhood here or no now that guy yeah he's, really called Hollywood. Okay, his origin is, of course, from the US. He's.

A TV personality main weapon is in his old rival. His minimum range comendo is his specialty, so from a medium range, shooting guys interesting. Indeed, let's. Look at this hardtack guy and with with the first chick that I talked about, so the I already forgot her name fortune.

She looks a little bit like treasure, of course, of what just launched yeah here is easy to like compare them so, like I said he has a shotgun, so null zone harpoon that's, his signature weapon, so that that's.

Pretty interesting, he's, also from the you, as chief petty officer use in so a big guy. So what they will probably do is yeah throughout the the marketing campaign of this game. Just before the game will release, we will see more heroes, maybe at e3 as well, but right now we have the trailer and this information.

We also have a frequently asked question, so it's, a third-person open world game where you just switch between the heroes, kill enemies, so that's. What yeah you can find over here? What is legions are legion, like I said it's like the enemy.

Your need to take care of. It is the central game. Yeah yeah it's in the same row universe, but it's, a brand new IP, with a new cast of characters. We already saw it. This is interesting. What is the gameplay, like? I said a first-person shooter each engine has their own unique playstyle special abilities, travels or options.

So we also have gadgets that allow you to further customize the gameplay of each agent. Where does age may have take place in a new future city of Zuhal yeah? Okay yeah: what does that say? Nothin right for net right now, so that's.

Also interesting. It's, not the central engine. It's like a totally new engine and, of course they can also use its engine for Saint row, five right and what platforms like I said: ps4 xbox, one pc. When can i play it in 2017, but more specific release? It will fall out.

I think early 2017 is my guess made, probably so that's like not really early, but in this first half of 2017. How can i keep up to date? Well, following my cello? No, that's, not in here now anyway. Yeah that that's all there is all the contents, but, like I said, IGN will have it some of information up about this title because it's there, IGN first, so maybe if that's all over, I will Do a video with everything you need to know and then yeah it will probably go dark.

We & # 39, ll, probably see it at Gamescom, but not a lot of a lot of new information. Maybe the show will show to new agents but yeah. My initial reaction is looks interesting, the colorful art - hopefully, the characters - will really play differently.

Don't really like their style. Their characteristics seem like a little too mainstream to me, but hopefully they will announce other characters that are more really weird and have their own personality.

Because right now I don & # 39. T really see that anyway. Hopefully, the gameplay is also good. They know how to make first person shooter, so that will probably be all right, but will the encounters be interesting enough for you to switch with your characters? Is the mick? Does it really yeah include anything to have like multiple characters? It doesn't really work out.

I'm, really curious about that, so it will probably be playable at e3. Hopefully I will be able to play it. Don't have my appointment schedules and a colleague goes there, but anyway, yeah a new game.

Foliation did not expect this, but it would be Saint row, but to have them do something on a different. It's, pretty cool as well. I think they will still make a central game with this new made engine but yeah.

Hopefully this will also turn out well for them. It's, interesting that they go for the single play around. I think that could be smart as well to not have like them compete with other games in this genre, thanks alot for watching.

Let me know if you think of agents of mayhem in it comes down below expect more reactions on the latest III 2016 news here on the channel and a ton of e3 predictions thanks for watching. I will speak to you next time, like the video.

If you did goodbye