Hey everyone and welcome to skill capped in this guide. We'll, be going over the eight pro tips to give you god-like aim with the vandal. The vandal is one of those rifles where pro players absolutely demolish on, but for the average player they can really struggle with.

The good news is, this is completely fixable you don't just need natural talent or some insane aim or accuracy to make the vandal work, and that's. What we'll, be breaking down in this guide, tips that you can actually incorporate into your game to start clicking heads with the vandal and top fragging.

Now, for our question of the day, do you think that valerian should add a third rifle to the game, for example, something like an og, or do you think that just having the phantom and vandal is all that is needed for this weapon type? If you do think they should add a third rifle, what do you think it should be like, and if you're against adding a third rifle? What would you add? Instead, let us know in the comment section below, as we'd.

Love to hear your thoughts, alright, so jumping into our first tip with the vandal first things. First, you need to understand the pros and cons of the vandal and that begins by understanding its stats when compared to the phantom one of the core strengths of the vandal is that it has no damage drop off doing the same damage.

At all ranges compare this to the phantom that starts doing less damage, past 15 meters, at which point it no longer one-shot headshots. However, to compensate for the strength, the vandal has a lower fire rate than the phantom at 9.

75 rounds. A second. This is lowered to 8.775 when aiming down sights yeah that's right for those of you who don't know aiming down. Sights does reduce your fire rate, so i'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing.

It's great, seeing these numbers, but with the different fire rates, damage drop-offs at different ranges and damage values to different body parts. How in the world are you supposed to know which weapon does more damage or is stronger? Well, this is where a value that's, known as time to kill, comes into play time to kill or ttk for short, is the gold standard when it comes to evaluating the strength of a weapon in an fps game.

This is because it represents the time it will take you to kill an enemy, so the lower the time, the stronger the weapon as you're killing opponents faster and that's. Why we went the extra mile to calculate the time to kill for both the vandal and the phantom, so here's, what you'll notice for headshots for the vandal at all ranges it's zero seconds.

This is just because it's, a one shot headshot for the phantom. It's, also zero seconds it's. A one shot headshot within 50 meters then becomes point zero, nine at fifteen to thirty and thirty, two. Fifty okay, so what this means is that, in terms of headshots, both guns are equal at under 15 meters, but past that the vandal is better with a lower time to kill now for body shots.

You can see the vandals tdk is 0.31 seconds at all ranges, whereas the phantom is 0.27 seconds at 15 meters, so faster and better than the vandal, but then jumps to 0.36 seconds, past 50 meters, so slower and worse.

Essentially, all you need to know is that 15 meters and below the phantom is just objectively better than the vandal. However, past 15 meters, the vandal has the lower time to kill. Overall, this means you need to memorize that 15 meter mark.

If you're 15 meters or closer, you're, going to be at a disadvantage against phantom users. So you want to look to play angles and positions that put you at 50 meters or further in your games. Now don't get me wrong.

Sometimes you are forced into close range fights, but you should be aware of this general rule and trying to follow it as you play and before we continue with our second vandal tip. Remember what you find here on our youtube channel is just a taste of the hyper improvement system on our website.

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com and get the rank you've always wanted alright. So if we look at the stats, the vandal is kind of looking like it might just be better overall, but numbers are not everything in practice. The vandal actually has a more difficult to control, recoil and bullet spread.

Let me show you what i mean here. I'm at around 20 meters away from the wall. A good solid range you'll, likely be using with the vandal first, let's spray, the first nine bullets of the vandal, with no attempts at controlling the recoil.

Next, let's, spray, the first nine bullets of the phantom again, not controlling the recoil. What we see is that the vandal kicks up significantly higher, but this is only the first part after 9. Bullets is when your rifle begins to sway, left and right.

So now let's fully spray, the vandal to see its left and right sway recoil. Now let's. Do the exact same for the phantom you'll notice that the phantom has a much tighter spread when it's, swaying left to right, essentially it doesn't vary as much up and down or left to right.

Compare this to the vandal, which has a lot more variance and a wider circle that the bullets can land within. So this is very important to understand and what pros mean when they say the vandal is harder to control your first.

Nine bullets will have a bit more variance to them, as there are larger gaps between them as it kicks up more and more. However, you can learn to pull down the correct amount to control that first, nine bullet spray and with a little luck you can be all right, but it's past those first, nine bullets when the vandal starts to sway, left and right becomes nearly Impossible to control accurately and you're heavily reliant on the rng gods.

Now this isn't. The whole story, though, pay attention to the first three bullets that we shoot with the vandal notice, how they're, almost perfectly accurate. This is why pros often shoot the vandal in bursts of two to three bullets as those first three bullets are super.

Accurate and the true recoil, doesn't kick in until the fourth bullet. Also a high level tip that i never see anyone mention is that there's. A subtle amount of recoil in your three bullet burst that you can actually control with the vandal.

So here i'm shooting without controlling my recoil at all. Just doing three bullet bursts. Now i'll, do a very slight pull down as i shoot my three bullets and you'll, see that it actually makes those three bullets consistently more accurate, alright.

So what does all this mean? Well, you pretty much never want to spray past the ninth bullet with the vandal due to its extreme recoil sway. Now you can just pull down and look to spray, the first nine bullets we have to be relatively close.

I would say no more than 20 meters at the furthest to do this kind of spray. The majority of the time. Instead, you'll, be doing a three bullet burst with a very subtle pull down or just one tapping fantastic.

So you now understand the core mechanics of the vandal and its strength and weaknesses. So now we can get into the optimal play style of the weapon. The vandals play style is much different than the phantom.

This is because you really want to avoid spraying, but that can be hard to do in valerian, as if you're caught out in the open and tagged by a bullet. Your movement speed will be slowed down to a crawl, and you'll, be a sitting duck an easy way to wrap your head around.

The way you should be playing with the vandal is to pretend that you're actually using an operator. If you were using an operator, you would never just run around out in the open. Instead, you would hold tighter angles looking to take a shot and then quickly get to cover.

This is exactly how you want to be playing with the vandal looking to play those tight angles where you can get your quick three burst off at head level and then move behind protection. Obviously, though, the vandal isn't the operator and is a bit more versatile and aggressive.

So, for example, if you are pushing an angle with a vandal, you'd, want to clear each angle, one by one, which is called slicing. The pie we have guys on this and jiggle peak these angles. It's. Really clean and precise movement is what you're going for.

If, instead, you're, the one holding the angle with a vandal. Well, then, you'll again, it be very similar to an operator holding a relatively tight angle at a headshot level. Looking for that, quick, one-shot headshot with a three-shot burst into then ducking behind cover, let's.

Compare this play style to someone using the phantom with the phantom. You can swing much more aggressively into angles, then, as soon as you make contact with an enemy, crouch and spray, essentially, the phantom will be a bit more forgiving, since, if you ever find yourself out in the open or just in an unexpected gunfight, you can always Fall back to holding that crouch button and trying to quickly spray down the enemy, and so, if you're looking to master, the vandal, always keep in mind that if you're watching other riflers who actually use the phantom, you can't always replicate that way that they're playing that's.

Why? I highly recommend you check out tens as he's widely considered the best vandal aimer in the game right now and look to study? How he uses the vandal now you're, probably thinking well, if i can't crouch and spray, what in the world am i supposed to do well with a vandal? You'll have to master a technique known as strafe, shooting or counter strafing.

We have several guides breaking down exactly how to do this mechanic. So if you don & # 39, t know how i highly recommend you check them out, but to give you a quick summary strafe shooting is when you move in one direction, let's, say you're, holding a to move left.

Then you let go of a and hit b to move right. Well, there is a moment right after i let go of a and i hit d as i change directions that i'm, actually standing still, it's in this small moment that i can fire a burst of bullets perfectly accurate, since, With the vandal, we rarely want to spray and are typically looking to one tap our three shot burst.

Strafe, shooting and counter strafing become a core mechanic to master. For example, you can use this mechanic to jiggle peak angles to get quick shots off into then returning to cover, or if you're fighting out in the open at long ranges, you can use it to move between your bursa bullets to allow your Accuracy to reset, while being difficult to hit now don't.

Get me wrong. This doesn't mean in every single situation you just strafe shoot back and forth. Instead, as a general rule, you want to master this mechanic of strafe shooting and counter strafing for peeking around corners, the majority of the time, and then i would say at around 30 meters or higher, that's when you always want to start strafe.

Shooting, if you're caught out in the open, instead of just crouching down and spraying, as you start getting below that range, specifically, 20 meters or lower. If you're caught out in the open, then your best chance at winning a fight will still be to crouch and pull down looking to control those first nine bullets of your recoil.

This is because, as long as you land, one of those bullets to the head or four to the body, it will kill the opponent and that's completely doable under 20 meters. It's really that 20 to 30 meter range.

It's, a bit of a gray area where you're, probably still better off spraying. If you're caught out in the open, just due to a phantom user, likely spraying you down in like .36 seconds before, you can even move and let your accuracy reset, but you & # 39.

Ll! Need some luck in your spray to kill them between that 20 to 30 meter range, basically getting caught out in the open past 30 meters. Isn't the worst thing in the world with the vandals, since you have no damage drop off and you can start strafe shooting.

Now there is under 20 meters, since you can just crouch and spray fairly accurately, but it's between 20 and 30 meters that you're in a very awkward spot, and you instead would prefer to be jiggle peeking around cover.

Instead of being locked into a fight to the death out in the open, alright, so at this point you should have a clear picture of just how valuable the vandal is at long ranges, and i want to dive deeper into exactly how this impacts, how you actually Play in a real game: first, let's.

Talk about the positions you should be looking to play and let's use haven as an example. So you want to look to play positions of the map where you have long sight lines, for example, on defense, holding c long can be really strong.

This is one of the longest sight lines in the game at 50, meters or higher. What you want to avoid is playing positions like inside garage where, at the absolute maximum you're. Getting you know, 35 meter gunfights outside of garage, while the majority of the time you're, taking fights under 50 meters inside garage.

It's, the same idea. If you're playing a site, you want to look to hold that long sight line on along that's around 40 meters, where phantom users will be receiving their maximum damage drop off. What you want to avoid is playing a position like sewers, where, at best, you're, getting a 20 meter fight, but usually much closer under 50 meters.

If the enemies push you, you also want to consider how this impacts, how you fall back and play inside the site itself. For example, if you're holding a long and miss your shots are going to kill. Well, you want to fall to all the way to the back of hell to play this long sight line on a lung, or you can just completely retreat out of sight to reposition at a heaven again going for those longer ranges.

What you'd want to avoid is playing close spots in sight, like behind boxes or in the cubby, where phantom users are going to have that time to kill advantage and speaking of long ranges. This is a good moment to quickly touch on when you should be aiming down sights.

This is one of the most common questions. Players have what range should i actually aim down my sights or should i just not aim down my sights at all? Well, you have to remember aiming down sights causes three things.

First, it reduces your fire rate so that's, going to increase your time to kill, which is a bad thing. It also changes how your recoil works, which basically just ends up making it impossible to control past the third bullet.

Again that's, a bad thing, and if all of this wasn't enough, it also lowers your movement speed by 24. So suddenly that strafe shooting mechanic, doesn't become a great option. The only benefit is that you get a 1.

25 times zoom other than that. Your fire rate is lowered and you're, better off playing these slots in vegas than trying to spray scoped in and for this reason, the majority of the pros try to avoid aiming down sights with the rifles, the vast majority of the time.

However, there are situations where that zoom can help. You see the enemy and actually land your shots. Making you more accurate, keep in mind. This is somewhat going to be player preference based on how good your eyesight is, but a really good rule to follow is to only allow yourself to scope in at 40 meters or longer anything below 40 meters.

You really should never have to scope in to help you land your shots. However, beyond 40 meters enemies can become quite difficult to see, especially their head, which is what you're, aiming for, in fact, a good way to think about.

It is to scope in if you're playing a spot where, typically, you'd play an operator. So if we go back to haven, if i'm playing all the way back and see sight and holding an angle on c long well, that's like 50 meters and it's, going to be extremely hard to Actually see an enemy's head, so you want to scope in at this range.

Make that target that's, going to peak the corner, bigger, take your one or two shots and then dip back to cover, as if you took an operator shot. Basically, if you're aiming down sights, you want to think of yourself in operator mode, where you're looking to land that one shot headshot from super, far range into then ducking behind cover and to finish off this guide, i want To cover the two most common mistakes players make with the vandal.

The first mistake is not letting their accuracy reset between bursts. So, as you know, now the majority of the time we're using the vandal will be looking to shoot either in one taps or in three bullet bursts.

Well, you'll need to master the ability to recognize when your accuracy has actually reset after you fire the burst of bullets. So you know when to fire your next one to understand this mechanic check this clip out notice, where my crosshair is currently placed.

Now i'm, going to fire nine bullets and watch my crosshair closely notice, how it jumps up and then once i finish, firing it slowly returns to its original location. It's when your crosshair returns to its original location.

Do you have perfect accuracy once again, the longer you spray the longer it takes the vandal to become fully accurate again, for example, notice when i shoot a three bullet burst, my crosshair returns to its original location extremely fast, and if i shoot a one bullet burst, It returns to fully accurate, even faster.

You want to head into practice mode and experiment with this and get a feel for how long it takes your accuracy to reset. Based on how many bullets you shoot. This is one of the biggest problems players have when using the vandal.

They don't, wait long enough for the vandal accuracy to reset, or they wait too long and just become a sitting duck. You want to get the timing down at one bullet. Shots three bullet bursts and nine bullet sprays, as these are what you'll, be using the most once you get this accuracy reset timing down, you'll, not only become more accurate, but it will make your strafe shooting and peaking way.

Cleaner and faster, and finally the last mistake - i see so many vandal players make is spraying through smoke. You need to understand that the phantom has a silencer on it, and so that means it. Doesn't show tracers to the enemies.

However, the vandal does not have that, and so, when you fire through smoke, the enemy can actually see your bullet tracers and where those bullets are coming from. This will make it very easy for them to just spray back at that location and kill you now.

This does not mean you can't shoot through smokes at all with a vandal, but it just means you need to shoot in small bursts and then change your position this way when the enemy fires back at your tracer location, you won't be standing there anymore in general, though, just be cautious when shooting through smoke with a vandal, i would highly recommend just avoiding spraying through it and instead, if you do want to shoot through smoke, do it in bursts and move your position between each burst And remember if you want to improve, win more gunfights and get the rank you've always wanted, then check out our hyper improvement system at skillcap.

com link in the description below alright. So what do you think you struggle with the most with the vandal? Let us know in the comment section below, as we read all the comments and may just create a guide on that topic, and while you're down there make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell icon to get more premium guides.

Just like this one, with one goal in mind, helping you become a better player. We here at skillcap want to thank you for watching, and we'll catch you in the next one.