Hello, everyone and welcome to skill caps. I'm notorious dub and today we're, going to be going over how to frag out in valorent. Now a lot of people don't know this, but your valorent rating gain and rating loss.

Every game is decided by the rounds that you win or lose by the average rank of the players in your game compared to yours and your combat score and our combat score is the main thing we're in control of and it's, what we're, going to be focusing on improving, because more kills and more damage means a higher combat score and a higher combat score means more elo gain for winning and less elo loss for losing and also let's.

Be honest, taking the game into your own hands is the best way to improve and it's better to be the one carrying than relying on your team to carry, but before we get into the first tip, what's, the highest Kill game you & # 39, ve managed to secure so far in valorem, and what do you think caused you to have that good of a game? Personally, i dropped a 52 kill game in the beta, but that was before the skill based matchmaking was all figured out.

So it's kind of cheating and we ended up losing the game anyway. But i want to hear about you guys. So let us know in the comments down below and let's jump into the first tip, so starting off with one tip that a ton of pro players use in solo queue.

But i really rarely ever see the average player realize that it even exists, and that is looking for eco frags. Now what are eco frags? So it's when the enemy is broke and you have a gun advantage. Essentially, you know the enemy is trying to save this round.

This is why it's so important to hit tab at the start of every round, check the scoreboard and pay attention to the enemy's economy. When this is the case, you want to leverage your gun advantage by playing a bit more aggressive than normal and be more willing to take those early fights now.

Obviously you don't want to throw the round by playing too aggressive and giving the enemy one of your guns after you die. So how exactly do you execute this eco frag strategy in a real game? Well, one surefire strategy, if you have a rifle, is simply to just take fights at areas of the map that have angles at longer distances.

This would be like peaking sea long on haven or mid on ascent. Now these are those long sight lines where your rifle will dominate any eco purchase. The enemy would have bought and at the same time, you do want to play a bit different on attack versus defense when the enemy is saving.

For example, when you're, an attack and the enemy is saving it's even more important. You don't rush ares of the map with cubbies and close angles, as the enemy team will often have shotguns like a bucky and on defense.

You can't, make the common mistake of pushing out and going for the flank. Instead rotate safely and play from sights with those long sight lines with your gun advantage, this is because, if you push out and try to flank again, an enemy could be lurking in a cubby somewhere and easily kill you into picking up your gun.

Instead, if you just play from sight, you'll, get those longer sight line fights while the enemy has to push into you. Instead of risking that deep lurk where you run into an enemy and they mow you down with a bucky, shorty or even just run side to side, while they shoot you with the frenzy because it's almost impossible to hit that moving target.

And lastly, on defense, when the enemy is on an eco round, you want to rotate fast often they will rush, and you & # 39. Ve, probably noticed this. Everyone stacks as five or four on an eco round and once your teammates make contact elsewhere on the map, you want to run as fast as you can to get to that site.

So you can help clean up the remaining attackers with your gun advantage and rack up. Those kills because, especially when you have teammates there, you can play a little more aggressive and be a little looser with the fights that you're taking because it takes longer for the enemies to kill you, and you can always just get that traded Out, if you don & # 39, t manage to pick up the kill first and before we get into the next tip.

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Players miss out on free kills and that's. Hunting for kills when you have the clear man advantage or have clearly won the round too often, do i see players being way too safe when the round is clearly one it's like a five on one and they aren't Aggressively hunting that last player now i know what you're thinking, but then, if i die, it ruins my kda right while, unlike other games when it comes to your combat score deaths, aren't actually calculated at all and they won't affect your rank, gain or rank loss.

So, aside from just making your kda look, good deaths are really irrelevant and whenever you can afford it, which is usually, you should always be spreading around looking for that last guy, even if it ends up being a 50 50.

. As long as the round's already won by your team, of course, also when you're hunting for kills in these scenarios, a really useful trick is to check your mini-map look at the areas of the map that your teammates have Already checked, or they're about to check and then rush to the area of the map that is still dark and hasn't been cleared by your teammates, yet this is most likely the location the remaining player will be at and At the same time, there's, no point in trying to catch up with your teammates as they're.

Probably just gonna make contact with the enemy before you can group and they're gonna already snag up that kill, so you might as well just take your chances at that other part of the map that no one's.

Going to also another little trick, you could always get on the mic and tell your teammates to play safe. When there's, one or two players left that way, you can be the only one that's, searching for them and you can snag up those kills by yourself.

But don't. Tell anyone. I said that do keep in mind, though, if your team doesn't, have an economy built up and you're struggling with credits a little bit, then you want to make sure to stay alive and avoid dying.

That way you don't have to buy another right for the next row, but if your team does have enough money to buy the next round anyway, then there's, no reason not to hunt for that. Last guy or two. That's, trying to save next up.

We have being the second man. Now you always want to be the second person into the bomb site, because one most people - just aren't doing this correctly anyway. So you might as well take over that role for yourself and two.

Your job is to kill the person that shoots at your entry fragger, which is gonna net. You more kills in the long run. Now. The goal here is to stay tucked in right. Beside your entry, fragger follow him like a dog while he clears angles and just be prepared to gun down anyone that peaks and trade him out whenever he dies.

The second man has the best time picking up free kills. Whenever you're entering the bomb site and you usually have the opportunity to get into an aggressive post plant to pick up an extra kill before the defenders realize what even happened like if you push through screens and make it to ct on split, You can almost always catch someone rotating with their knife out before they even realize that someone could be there, and there are a few problems that you're, probably going to run into when you start becoming the second man.

First of all, you have to be clearing the angles that your entry frag doesn't. We've all been in that situation, where you follow one or two people into the site, only to be shot in the back by someone tucked in a corner that no one actually looked at and cleared so pay attention to the person in front Of you and make sure you're, the one clearing the angles that they don't, because, honestly, if they're tucked in a corner and they're waiting on everyone to pass by, they're, probably a freak killing you and, along this same note, make sure you're, paying attention to where the enemy, reina and jet are playing, because they're very difficult to trade out because of their mobility makes them so much Easier they can just dismiss or eat away, and it's almost impossible to get that trade kill.

Now, in this situation, you're, going to want to stay way closer to your entry frag, to increase your chance of snagging the kill on those difficult to trade targets. Just make sure you don't line up with your teammate and get killed at the same time and, finally, what if your teammates just never enter what, if they just don't want to walk onto the bomb site.

Well, that brings us to the lurker rule. This is my go-to. When my teammates aren't entry fragging or they aren't following me into trade kill or we just don't, have good team synergy and can't get things done together.

In that case, i'll start on the opposite side of the map. I'll use, audio cues shift, walk and just try to pick up kills on rotating enemies or even just slip in behind the enemies. When you get the opportunity when they rotate to pop in behind them and help your team, take the sight with you deep pressuring from the flank and the biggest issue, and the easiest way to throw rounds is whenever you're lurking.

And you try to take fights way too early. Your team has to start getting pressure on their bomb side before you start to engage it's almost like split pushing in league, because when you take a 50 50 and lose your team has lost full control of that area of the map.

And now they have to worry about their flank when, on the other hand, you take a 50 50 and win the other team usually has someone else on that bomb side early. That knows, their team is still safe. So while the lurker roll is a bit nuanced to pull off with decent timing, it honestly becomes way too easy to pick up a killer to each round and start causing problems, because, right after that, your teammates can rotate.

While you're, already posted up in a deep post plant, stopping all the rotations, essentially just giving your team a free sight, because you played somewhere that they weren't. And next up we have abusing flash characters because, honestly, they're just easily.

The best agents for picking up kills because what better way to kill someone than kill them when they can't see you now. The best of the best flashes are going to be phoenix in reno, with reina being the solo carried queen of valor.

With her heel and her dismiss as well and the other flashers sky and breech being a bit too slow to maximize their kill potential and yoru, still being a little too predictable and early on in his career, to know exactly how he's.

Going to work out and in most elos, including immortal, people still aren't used to looking away from phoenix flashes and teams. Still don't shoot the rayna eye for their teammates, so early peaks or camping corners with these two agents can lead to a ton of kills, because teams are still pushing in way too early.

They're, not shift walking at the beginning of rounds and not coordinating against flash characters, making them sitting targets like on ascent. Think about it. You can sit at the entrance to the a or b bomb site it doesn't matter and the second you hear a footstep, you flash the corner and pick up a free kill before it's back to safety for you and It's honestly, like clockwork just swap up the bomb site.

You're playing at every couple of rounds, peak mid every couple of rounds and throughout the game you'll rack up. Those kills one by one getting those picks while the enemy team starts to rage at each other, for not knowing how to dodge a flash.

These flash characters have a high skill floor when it comes to counter play. Making the enemies have to make a much more difficult play to pick up the kill on you than for you to pick one up on them after you decide to flash out around the corner and next a huge thing i want to go over and if you Learn anything from this video? Let it be this! You always want to be the peaker.

Now this isn't always possible, but it's possible way more often than you think, because you can always jiggle corners over and over hold your angle from behind cover and peek out every so often to catch them off.

Guard and reposition yourself often to get a repeat and increase. How often you're. The peaker instead of the holder and the reason this is so effective, is because valerian has what's called peaker's advantage, which basically means that the person is moving and going around the corner is going to see the person they're peeking into on their screen before the person who is being peaked.

This is because everyone has ping and valerian, and it takes some time to process the information that's happening and send it to the server and, while valorent is a lot better at this than most games according to the devs, in average conditions.

This is a matter of around 40 to 70 milliseconds, so it may not seem like much to you, but the average human reaction time is sitting around 240, which means you're, essentially giving yourself around a 20 percent faster reaction time, just by peaking The enemy, instead of letting them peak you do keep in mind, though the higher ping.

You have the more peakers advantage you have on opponents and vice versa. So if you're, someone who doesn't have the best connection. Then you definitely want to be the one peaking instead of holding the angle, but peeker's advantage isn't really as simple as those average condition tests that the devs ran to come up with those numbers.

You can further improve your time to kill by using proper peaking technique like stepping away from the wall that you're about to peek around, because you're, increasing that peaker's advantage even more.

Whenever you're close to the wall, your shoulder comes out much faster than your head, and you can't see around the corner because your sight line starts at your eyes and the enemies can see your shoulder before.

You can ever see them, but whenever you're further away, your shoulder and head come out much closer together, because the angle is more forgiving. When you're peaking from a distance away from the wall.

When you combine both of these tips, you're effectively, increasing your reaction time by about 30 percent, giving you that extra time to secure the kill and netting you way more kills in the long run, because a 30 faster reaction time is essentially a 30 percent faster time to kill if you're, hitting your shots and that can be the difference between silver and platinum by itself.

Now learning this will take a bit of thought in gaming, but you can always hop into a death match and focus on stepping away from walls before you peek and it & # 39. Ll become second nature in no time just think to yourself.

The entire death match to step away from walls and never hold angles, always swing and get those shots off as quickly as possible, and, of course i have to mention this because i see so many people doing this wrong.

You should always be playing proactively. Now i don't want to say, be aggressive because aggression, isn't, always the right choice but being proactive is and valerie right now i see so many easy rounds lost because teammates rotate to help the players holding the site way Too late now, in pro play, though, the biggest difference is that everyone is proactive.

Defenders are grouping as two and prodding an area for information early, so they can get an early rotation off, and people are often left solo on bomb sites. So the other players can run to the gunshots or the footsteps that were heard to back up their teammates, that you know the enemies are somewhat close to and there's almost always a lurker prodding, the flank or the opposite bomb site.

Just to get pics or pick up a bomb site for free the bottom line is you can always play for retake with the people that you go to support, but you always want to be the person moving around the map and you always want to make decisions Before the enemy team forces you to make them, by doing this, you're, going to stay ahead of the enemy team and you're, going to stop being late to all of the action and over time.

Those split second decisions. You're making earlier the round will eventually start being the right ones as you get better at playing proactively and you start learning how to predict what the enemies are going to do.

Based on the audios, you hear early in the round and finally, of course we have to talk about map pressure, because this is one of the biggest tickets to a ton of kills. Now one surefire way to develop map pressures to pick one area of the map that you're, extremely comfortable with and make sure it's on your control every round or at least most rounds.

This is like hookah on bind. This is rey's best friend, because she has so much utility that clears out hookah and provides a ton of pressure on one of the most important areas of the map. Simply throw your roomba lineup at the beginning of the round and charge in to kill anyone that your roomba aggros onto the best strategy here is to follow your roomba quite closely to where the enemies can & # 39.

T see you, but you can immediately peak them when they start to take shots at your bot, because the goal here is to show them that they're, going to have to deal with you if they want control of that area, because they can't, have it for free from there take a quick cheeky peek for a kill on site, and if you don't pick anything up off of it.

There's, no harm in just leaving and grouping back up with your team, but most rounds. You'll, find a fight that you're comfortable with, and you'll, be able to pick up those early frags more often than not, and just establishing that pressure puts the enemies in sub-optimal spots and gives you and Your team more room to work around to pick up those kills and establish sight pressure because map pressure, isn't always about taking an area of the map that you want to play around.

It's about setting a precedent that if they decide to hold down hookah, they're, going to have to fight you and they're, going to risk, putting their team at a disadvantage whenever they lose a person.

4V5. On defender's side, but as always remember, if you want to improve win more gunfights and get the rank you've always wanted, then check out. Skillcap.Com link is in the description below, but the biggest thing to remember is that the more you can incorporate these one percent techniques, the more you're, going to be racking up, those kills.

But what do you think is the best way to pick up kills in valorem? Let us know in the comments down below and while you're down, there, make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn those notification bells on, because we here at skill cap, have a ton more comprehensive premium guides.

Coming your way that you're going to want to stay up to date with so you can stay ahead of the pack. As always, i want to thank you for spending this little bit of your day with us, and i'm. Notorious dub signing off